Crane Apparel - The Hustler

“Good things come to those who hustle”

Timo Crane, founder and owner of Crane Apparel decided to re-brand tis product – and so far so good. First of all, the brand’s name changed from “Crane Apparel” to “Crane Apparel South Africa”. This isn’t the only change Timo made. From now on, Crane Apparel will only be selling one style watch, The Crane Hustler…

LJ Cosmetology Campaign

"And one day she discovered that she was fierce, 
and strong, 
and full of fire, 
and that not even she could hold herself back
her passion burned brighter than her fears". 
~ Marc Anthony 

2017 - Leading a double life

This year truly started off with a BANG! At the end of last year (and by end of last year I mean, middle of December), I found out that my job application as a practical lecturer at the North West University was successful. This was the best news I received in a long time and it happened right after I had my first TV appearance on KykNet Nou’s programme ChatNou.

Golden Globes 2017

2017 started with a bang when it comes to the events calendar with the Golden Globes last night. So, for my first blog post for 2017, I would like to share my favourite looks for this year's Golden Globes and also my pick of best dressed. 

My fibromyalgia story

Close your eyes and imagine the following…

You wake up in the morning with pain all over your body. Your muscles are stiff and your hands feel tingly. You feel a possible migraine coming with muscles in your neck and back aching. Trying to open your eyes is a challenge, it feels like you haven’t slept for a week when in actual fact you were asleep for more than eight hours. It feels like your entire body is bruised, with even a simple touch feeling like a stabbing wound. You get up and don’t know what to wear – mostly due to the fact that tight-fitting clothes only makes you feel even more distressed. Trying to eat something in the morning is the worst. You have gained a few pounds and most foods just make the pain worse. Now get ready for the day ahead, put on a smile and do some work.

Welcome to the last six years of my life.

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