John-Wayne Keyser – an up and coming fashion designer with a bright future

On 2 November 2013 John-Wayne Keyser was announced as Designer of the year at the SANLAM North West School of Design’s Annual Graduation Fashion Show.  I was star struck by his amazing designs and wanted to find out more about this up and coming designer...

1.    John-Wayne, when your name was announced as “Designer of the year” what were the first emotions you experienced?
It was a rush of mixed emotions really, joy, accomplishment, pride happiness I can’t really describe the feeling.

2.    What was the inspiration for this spectacular collection you designed?
The theme we were given was confluence of cultures, while trying to come up with ideas I saw Selena Gomez music video for come and get it to me it was the perfect blend of pop and Indian cultures. The ideas just kept flowing after that.

3.    Is there anything you wanted to different with the collection / something that bothered you?
For me I poured my soul in to this collection in my eyes they were my works of art so I don't think id change a thing.

4.    What are your plans and dreams for the future?
My plans are to in the next 5 years have a successful studio running here in Sa and then in a few years to branch my business overseas.

5.    Do you have any advice for people out there who have dreams of becoming a fashion designer?
Keep fighting for that dream, never let anyone tell you your not good enough! Believe in yourself and dream big!

6.    What do you enjoy the most about designing?
What I enjoy most about designing, mmm I would say it's the whole process from sketching, patterns, cutting sewing and finishing off. it's amazing to see a sketch you drew come to life in front of your eyes.

7.    What are your 3 best fashion tips for other people for everyday fashion?
1 Less is more; don't overdo it with the accessories,
2 Be yourself don't wear something because everyone is wearing it; bring your personality out through your clothing choices.
3 Don't match the belt with the shoes, mix it . ;)

8.    Who are your personal top 3 fashion designers and why?
1. Gert-Johan Coetzee not only because his my mentor but also for the fact that his always pushing the boundaries and coming up with new ideas.
2. Anel Botha, I Adore Anel's romantic design style and her attention to detail.
3. Kobus Rautenbach, his designs always fit perfectly and his designs exude romance and femininity.

9.    If you can choose only 5 fashion items when you are travelling what would it be?
Black skinny jeans, my black military boots, graphic tee, clean underwear, (haha), and a well-made waist coat.

10.  What can we expect to see from you in the future?
Keep a look out a have a bright future planed and I won’t give up until I’ve reached my dreams.

South Africa is full of fashion designers, some more known to the public than others, some even made name internationally.  From my point of view, John-Wayne Keyser is a guy that deserves international fame in the future.

For more of John-Wayne’s designs from the Graduation Fashion Show go check out this link:


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