Forever 21

So 2014 will be the year that most of my friends and I will be turning 21.  This will be an inspiration after most of the posts I will be doing in 2014.  As I am still on holiday and enjoying every minute of the long summer days doing anything but work, most of my posts will start in the beginning of February.  I have some exciting plans for Unlimited and I hope each and every one will share these exciting times with me.

Today my post will give you a sneak peak at some of the fashion trends that will be in high demand for 2014 as well as some of my favourite quotes that will inspire me in this wonderful year that lies ahead.  It’s not always easy juggling everything in life so I hope that these quotes will also inspire you to follow your dreams and make a success of everything you do.

Just to make you even more excited about all the fashion news that lies ahead, here are some of the dates of the fashion shows that will soon be taking place:
5th – London Collections: Men
10th – Milan Menswear
14th – Paris Menswear
19th – Paris Haute Couture
5th – New York Fashion Week Fall 2014
13th – London Fashion Week Fall 2014
17th – Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014
24th – Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014
I am super excited to share this up and coming fashion news with you and to show you how you can incorporate it for an everyday wardrobe.
If you have any questions or you want to comment on any of the blog posts – please leave a comment at the commentary box at the end of each post.
I now leave you with one of my favourite quotes:
Enjoy the long summer days of January and make every moment worthwhile.


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