Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Print Pattern

The easiest way to look outdated is to wear a print that was in season about 8 years ago.  For example, if you see people with outfits from the 80’s there is absolutely no confusion about what era’s clothes it was.  So to follow the latest print pattern style it is important to be on the lookout for something that can’t be traced back to a specific era.  One of my absolute favourite designers, Karl Lagerfeld, once said “Trendy is the last stage before tacky”, meaning – if one only dress with the latest trends you end up looking tacky, not fashion forward.

For men’s Autumn/Winter 2014 the print pattern focus will move into the background looking much more distorted and blurred than the previous years led by monochromatic colours giving it a more timeless feeling.

The focus for print pattern in 2014 will mostly consist of the following:
1.       Industrial Graphics
2.       Foulard Print
3.       Hand-drawn monochrome
4.       Digital Collage

Thanks to Sara Maggioni & Francesca Muston from WGSN I am able to bring you the latest updates.  The images provided in this post are also their work and I don’t claim them to be my own.

Looking back at the fashion posts I did the past few days I hope I have inspired the guys to be on the lookout for clothing items that will be fashion forward in 2014, but also that it will suit your personality and personal style.  Fashion is a reflection of what you want the world to see you as.  The message you send depends solely on yourself.

So guys, be more interested in fashion, read magazines and ask for help, be sure the message you send out to the world is the right one.

Have a great weekend.


Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Fabric Finish

This year’s fabric focus is on quality and smooth leathers.  There is a big move that went from big colours to the luxe-touch fleece type of material.  Fabric plays an enormous roll in the quality and durability of the clothing item.  It is very important to ensure that the clothing items you buy are of a high quality. 

For 2014 the trends will be the following:
1.       Textural Knits:
2.       Grainy Tweed:
3.       Matt leather:
4.       Tactile finishes

Tomorrow will be the last post for the Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter.  I hope that the information I gave you up till now will help you to make clever purchases when shopping for your winter wardrobe.

If you have any questions / comments.  Please write in the commentary box and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Core Items

The first thought that comes to mind when I think of the earth’s core is the layers surrounding it and that they not only serve as protection but is the building bricks to the outer layer of the earth.  When there is no core, there will be no outer layer.  The same goes for fashion.  When the “core” of your item is correct the other clothing items building on it will all fall into place. 

Now for the big question... 

What is the difference between a key item and a core item? 

With a key item in your closet you never have to worry about what to wear.  It is that one piece of clothing that will transform any outfit from day to night.  The key item will be the statement of the outfit.  With a core item you can build your outfit around this item so the core item will allow you to put a look together that is an overall statement and not only focuses on one clothing item.

For men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Core Items the focus are mainly on the fluidity of the ground between formal and casual wear that affects the core items.  Therefore the versatility of these items is much higher than ever before.

So be on the lookout for the following core items:

1.    Layering polo neck
2.    Luxe biker
3.    Long sleeved polo shirt
4.    Relaxed tapered chino
5.    Flannel shirt
6.    Smart jean

So be smart and shop smart and buy these essential core items for your wardrobe in 2014.


Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter New Key Items

When fashion forecasting is being done the availability isn’t always as high in certain parts of the world as others.  I tried looking on all the available clothing sites for men and didn’t find the things I wanted to.  Furthermore not all the online shopping websites has all their stock on the website. 

In this post I will bring you the latest updates on the New Key Items for your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2014.  The sole purpose of a Key Item in your closet is so that you can always relay on that specific item for everyday dressing and then of course for special occasions.  A key item will sometimes not be much different than the previous season’s key item, but will the use of fabrics and styling will be different.  With a great key item wardrobe planning will also be possible.  With wardrobe planning the purpose is to get the optimum out of your wardrobe without having closets and closets full of clothing.  When your wardrobe is planned correctly dressing will become much easier and enjoyable.

The main thing to keep in mind with a key item in your closet is that it should be of a very high quality.  Therefore, don’t be afraid to pay a little bit extra.  Key items are seldom the high fashion items and can easily be worn the next season when mixed with other clothing items. 

So guys, here are the top 5 key items to have in your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2014:

1.       Aviator Bomber:
·         This item is nothing new to the consumer as it has been a must have item before.
·         Be on the lookout for leather / tweed fabric in this style.
·         The trim (area around the neck) can also be purchased in different types of material.  Be on the lookout for quilting and fur.

2.       Premium Sweatshirt:
·         Sportswear is a favourite with the men’s collections this year making it possible for them to look comfortably fashionable.
·         This new sweatshirt offers sleek lines and innovative quilting.

3.       Wool Mac:
·         The wool mac can be classified as a new item because of the transition it went through from classic trend-led styling so that it will be more appealing for a younger audience.
·         This is a very versatile item that can go from a very formal look to a casual everyday look – depending on the styling.
·         The typical material used in this updated classic trend-led style coat is warm wools, flannels and tweeds.

4.       Smart-Casual Dinner Jacket:
·         This jacket is being jazzed up by flamboyant and rich materials.  Furthermore it is a statement piece and at the same time it’s classic and timeless.
·         Pair this jacket with a plain t-shirt and a jean and you will be the most stylish guy at the dinner party.
·         Be on the lookout for classic patterns and materials to ensure a youthful look.

5.       Chunky Roll Neck:
·         Building on the previous success of the cable-knits and Fair Isles the chunky roll neck pushes forward the heritage look.
·         This is a handcrafted sensibility combined with a rugged masculinity when styled with the right clothes.
·         Wear this with a leather jacket, updated blazer or even your favourite coat.  Style it with a pair of jeans and a travel bag and you are ready for a weekend away in the cold.

Thanks to Sara Maggioni & Francesca Muston from WGSN I am able to bring you the latest updates.  The images provided in this post are also their work and I don’t claim them to be my own.

The most important thing to keep in mind with fashion is that there are trends that can be followed.  The latest trends and fashion trends should not be followed blindly by you, the consumer.  It’s best to think about your OWN lifestyle, preferences and fashion and then incorporate the latest trend so it can suit YOU and YOUR personality.  One of the biggest fashion mistakes you can ever make is not to be true to yourself.

I hope this update on the latest fashion Key Items for Men Autumn/Winter 2014 will inspire you the next time you are busy with your winter shopping.

Tomorrow I will be bringing you the core items updates that will be essential in 2014.02.17


Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Colour

This winter the focus will be on colours that won’t challenge you as the consumer, but rather motivate you to make your purchases based on quality and the value of the clothing items.  The colour pallet is also closely “related” meaning that it will make it much easier for the consumer to mix and match different clothing items.

It isn’t always easy to find all the clothing items online so I tried my best to show you how to incorporate the colours for Autumn/Winter 2014 in your wardrobe.  This is only guidelines to help you with your shopping.  If you have any further questions with styling / shopping please send me an e-mail at

So let’s not wait any longer.  Here are the latest fashion colours for Autumn/Winter 2014.


I hope this colour forecast will help you with your shopping.  Have a look at these following shops if you want any of the clothing items listed above.‎‎‎‎

I can’t wait to share the latest news about the New Key Items with you tomorrow.


Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Overview

Men's Autumn/Winter 2014 - Missoni

Men's Autumn/Winter 2014

So I will be bringing you the latest updates on the new fashion trends for guys for Autumn/Winter 2014. 

The news will be categorized into the following updates and will then be posted day-by-day next week :
·         Colour
·         New Key Items
·         Core Items Updates
·         Fabric Finish
·         Print Pattern

The sportswear influences are much wider than the previous season and it is going into a much smarter category.  Now for the big question... What is sportswear exactly? 
The following is the definition of sportswear provided by Women’s Wear Daily in their online fashion glossary:

Originally used to refer to clothing for active sports, and later to clothing worn to watch sporting events, this term has come to be applied to the broad category of casual wear and is worn at any time of the day and for a wide variety of activities. Today the term active wear is more likely to be applied to clothing for active sports. Sportswear is considered by many to be a major contribution of American design to clothing styles worldwide.”

For the new key items the focus is more on the smart-casual styling that also complements the new colour pallet that can be seen in the men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter forecasts.  Furthermore the importance of good quality clothing items can be seen in the core items for a man’s wardrobe.  For 2014 the prints takes a backseat for men’s fashion, but industrial geometrics and retro foulard motifs can be seen.

I can’t wait to bring you the latest updates!

Till next week.


Men's Autumn/Winter 2014 - Calvin Klein
Men's Autumn/Winter 2014 - Dolce & Gabbana

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