Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Colour

This winter the focus will be on colours that won’t challenge you as the consumer, but rather motivate you to make your purchases based on quality and the value of the clothing items.  The colour pallet is also closely “related” meaning that it will make it much easier for the consumer to mix and match different clothing items.

It isn’t always easy to find all the clothing items online so I tried my best to show you how to incorporate the colours for Autumn/Winter 2014 in your wardrobe.  This is only guidelines to help you with your shopping.  If you have any further questions with styling / shopping please send me an e-mail at

So let’s not wait any longer.  Here are the latest fashion colours for Autumn/Winter 2014.


I hope this colour forecast will help you with your shopping.  Have a look at these following shops if you want any of the clothing items listed above.‎‎‎‎

I can’t wait to share the latest news about the New Key Items with you tomorrow.


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