Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Core Items

The first thought that comes to mind when I think of the earth’s core is the layers surrounding it and that they not only serve as protection but is the building bricks to the outer layer of the earth.  When there is no core, there will be no outer layer.  The same goes for fashion.  When the “core” of your item is correct the other clothing items building on it will all fall into place. 

Now for the big question... 

What is the difference between a key item and a core item? 

With a key item in your closet you never have to worry about what to wear.  It is that one piece of clothing that will transform any outfit from day to night.  The key item will be the statement of the outfit.  With a core item you can build your outfit around this item so the core item will allow you to put a look together that is an overall statement and not only focuses on one clothing item.

For men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Core Items the focus are mainly on the fluidity of the ground between formal and casual wear that affects the core items.  Therefore the versatility of these items is much higher than ever before.

So be on the lookout for the following core items:

1.    Layering polo neck
2.    Luxe biker
3.    Long sleeved polo shirt
4.    Relaxed tapered chino
5.    Flannel shirt
6.    Smart jean

So be smart and shop smart and buy these essential core items for your wardrobe in 2014.


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