Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Fabric Finish

This year’s fabric focus is on quality and smooth leathers.  There is a big move that went from big colours to the luxe-touch fleece type of material.  Fabric plays an enormous roll in the quality and durability of the clothing item.  It is very important to ensure that the clothing items you buy are of a high quality. 

For 2014 the trends will be the following:
1.       Textural Knits:
2.       Grainy Tweed:
3.       Matt leather:
4.       Tactile finishes

Tomorrow will be the last post for the Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter.  I hope that the information I gave you up till now will help you to make clever purchases when shopping for your winter wardrobe.

If you have any questions / comments.  Please write in the commentary box and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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