Men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter Overview

Men's Autumn/Winter 2014 - Missoni

Men's Autumn/Winter 2014

So I will be bringing you the latest updates on the new fashion trends for guys for Autumn/Winter 2014. 

The news will be categorized into the following updates and will then be posted day-by-day next week :
·         Colour
·         New Key Items
·         Core Items Updates
·         Fabric Finish
·         Print Pattern

The sportswear influences are much wider than the previous season and it is going into a much smarter category.  Now for the big question... What is sportswear exactly? 
The following is the definition of sportswear provided by Women’s Wear Daily in their online fashion glossary:

Originally used to refer to clothing for active sports, and later to clothing worn to watch sporting events, this term has come to be applied to the broad category of casual wear and is worn at any time of the day and for a wide variety of activities. Today the term active wear is more likely to be applied to clothing for active sports. Sportswear is considered by many to be a major contribution of American design to clothing styles worldwide.”

For the new key items the focus is more on the smart-casual styling that also complements the new colour pallet that can be seen in the men’s 2014 Autumn/Winter forecasts.  Furthermore the importance of good quality clothing items can be seen in the core items for a man’s wardrobe.  For 2014 the prints takes a backseat for men’s fashion, but industrial geometrics and retro foulard motifs can be seen.

I can’t wait to bring you the latest updates!

Till next week.


Men's Autumn/Winter 2014 - Calvin Klein
Men's Autumn/Winter 2014 - Dolce & Gabbana

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