Autumn / Winter Women 2014

In the beginning of the year I got this great plan worked out.  I will study each and every day and not fall behind on any of my work.  Well, needless to say that didn't work out so well...  With nights that turned into mornings working on projects, studying for tests and trying to keep up with my social life as well – I was exhausted and really did not have any time for my blog posts.  So now it’s time to study for the exams and I knew I simply had to take some time off to do what I love and give you the latest updates on some fashion trends. 

As everybody in South Africa already knows – the winter came with one big bang!  This came as quite a shock as we were getting used to the “warm” winter days we have experienced the last few weeks.  So girls – today I will bring you the must have items for winter as shown on WGSN’s website as shown in the Autumn/Winter collections for 2014.  From crimson red to winter pastel colors, leg blocked skinny jeans and men’s shirts.  2014’s Winter fashion has elements for every style preference out there, combining the clothes with luxe leather bags and raw industrialism jewelry.

There are so many updates I can give you with the Autumn/Winter fashion trends for women, but I would like to keep it short and sweet in this post and in the end show you how I will incorporate these trends for an outfit for myself for campus wear and a formal wear outfit using the same shirt and pants as the core items of this two outfits.

I am so excited to be back and share my passion for fashion with all of you.  I am also currently busy with a little experiment that I will post next week and this will be something especially for the guys...

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