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When I matriculated in 2011 my biggest challenge was to find my own personal campus wear style...  I searched for some inspiration on the internet, shops and other people’s personal style.  I mean seriously.  When you are 18 you think everybody on campus looks like the girls in Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars.  None the less I knew from the start that there would not be a chance that I will EVER wear heels...  I would probably look like a animal that got hurt when I walk from 07h:30 in the morning till 17h:30 in the afternoon...

Through the years I got to understand myself more and that is very important when getting your own style.  I like to buy plain clothes with some bold accessories that will make a statement.  One of the most important things will be to have a great big stylish bag to carry everything around with you.  Then, the most important of all is to wear comfortable shoes!

So, I would like to share my favourite campus wear items I currently have with you as well as some pictures I found that cam work great as campus wear.  I hope they will inspire you when you go shopping for some new comfy and stylish clothes.


I recently bought a tan coloured handbag at Foschini that I LOVE!  It’s nice and big to put all my stuff in for campus.

I love wearing shoes that goes with everything.  This tan coloured pointy flats I bought at Mr.  Price and it surely goes with everything!

A pop of colour is always striking.  This necklace stole my heart in Woolworths.  I like the use of the turquoise and pink stones that complement the gold.

I immediately fell in love when I saw this grey and silver hoodie at Foschini (and it’s based on the hoodie concept).  Another great thing about this top is it’s length – perfect with some skinny jeans!

Everybody that knows me can tell you that I absolutely love leopard print – so why not buy a leopard print scarf?  I also bought this at Foschini and love wearing it with neutrals and / or black.

This is my outfit for today.  I decided to wear the grey hoodie based top with black skinny jeans and tan coloured pointy flats.  I decided to go with a more toned down necklace and chose a grey and gold stringed one.  My big tan coloured bag will complete this look for a stylish academic day on campus!

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