Black is the new Black

If you could have been born in a fashion outfit, mine probably would have been a stylish black one with accents of leopard and gold. That is my “go to” style. Wearing black makes me feel empowered, stylish and of course a little bit slimmer.

There are so many opinions to not wear black to weddings or formal events because of the fact that it can “drain” you, or look “slouchy” and “depressing”. I would like to argue with all these statements. To me, black always look put together, stylish and most important of all, timeless. You can always bring some colour in when wearing an all-black outfit. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing black from head to toe you can easily mix up a black jean with any color top or blouse you dream about.

Today I want to show you a few stylish and appropriate head to toe all-black outfits that will not drain you in any way, but will give you a more timeless look (with a modern edge of course). Just to get you used to idea of wearing that much black I decided to combine a blush/nude pink with my first look.

I hope I gave you a new perspective about wearing black if you weren’t so much into the black clothing until know.

I am super excited to share my biggest (and hopefully best) fashion post with you tomorrow.


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Designer Update: David Tlale

David Tlale was born on 29 January 1975. From 1998 – 2000 he was a technical assistant at Vaal University of Technology and from 2000 – 2003 he was a lecturer at the same University where after his career as a fashion designer began in full swing. Since then Tale’s creations was not just seen locally, but also internationally.

Exciting times waited for Tlale as he collaborated with “LEGIT” to design a collection that was available for Spring / Autumn 2012. This made his wonderful collections more accessible for the general public.

2013 was the David Tlale Decade where he celebrated 10 successful years in die fashion industry. He also had an Autumn 2013 collection in February that was showcased in the Lincoln Center in New York.

I think David Tlale can be a huge inspiration for everyone. He is a perfect example of a South-African born citizen who made name internationally. May everybody be inspired to follow their dreams.  I leave you with a quote from Eleanor Rosevelt:
            “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Have a wonderful day.


Designer Update - George Hoebeika

I recently discovered the magical designs of George Hoebeika and wow. I was really left speechless. His designs reflect the soft, inner beauty of a woman with exquisite grace. Although he studied to become a civil engineer his vivid imagination gave him the platform to design and although he started out with a small family business, he is now a name to remember in the fast moving and competing fashion industry.

His latest collection, Monet’s Midnight Stroll, is a tribute to the artist Claude Monet and really took my breath away. The structure, detail and attention to the design self can be seen perfectly in his designs. Here is some of the garments that was designed by George.

Hope you are inspired to do what you want, no matter what people say.  If a civil engineer can become a world class fashion designer, you can also peruse your passion.

Hope you have a lovely day.

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