First Blog Birthday Special Post - Fashion Choices For Men

When I started my blog I did not imagine in my wildest dreams that my final year studies will be this busy.  From projects to tests and practical’s – I think the only reason why it never got me down is the extreme passion I have for what I do. I recently started to think about some new themes and concepts that I would like to blog about.

But this, ladies and gentlemen, might be one of my best and biggest blog posts yet.  I decided to do this big blog post on my blog’s 1st birthday!  I had the honour of interviewing a few guys who I thought can be nominated as South-Africa’s most stylish men and to see what type of fashion choices they make.  This choice involves choosing items they only saw visually (like online shopping). The key here is to know your brand and to make an informed decision when you decide to purchase clothes online, because sometimes something can look really pricy in a picture and in real life the textile is not of outstanding quality, or vice versa.

I sent each of these guys a standard document with options of jackets, pants, shoes and watches and they had to choose between a white / black regular fit V-neck white t-shirt as the key item of the look.  After they chose and item they had to guess what the price of it is (now this was rather interesting).  The “theme” given to theme was a night out with their friends.

So, let’s see who these mystery men are and what they chose…

First we will have a look at Eben Groenewald’s choices.  Eben is an actor and freelance drummer.  He believes that fashion is important because it is part of the first impression you make.

When making the decisions of the clothes it was interesting to see that Eben takes a closer look at the clothes, evaluating the style and material as seen on the picture.  He likes items that are simple, but still complements his body.  Eben, not being such a big fan of shopping says that if he has some informed company that knows something about fashion it will be a more enjoyable experience. 

Now let’s have a look at the next guy.  Viljé Maritz is a known actor and voice artist.  Viljé feels that fashion is definitely important; it portrays an image of what you think you are and what other people think of you! He dresses each day for what he has planned for that day!

Viljé doesn’t like to be in a crowd of people when shopping, but fashion is very important to him.  He also feels that your mood has a rather huge impact on your fashion choices and for important functions it is very important to suit up!

Next we have Werner Meyer who is a biokineticist.  This athlete most surely has an eye for fashion and catches attention everywhere he goes.  He believes when that you express yourself in fashion and that less is more.
Werner likes having a lot of items to choose from when doing shopping.  He also likes descriptive detail about some clothing like pants because it gives you a better idea about the style and fit.  He loves shopping and spends a lot of money on clothes.  Werner likes investing in pieces of a high quality that will be more timeless and he also likes shopping at a wide variety of stores.

I have known Dylan Cronjé for about 6 years now.  He is one of the most spontaneous guys I have ever met.  He is currently studying B.Comm Financial Management at Varsity College Sandton.  From the day I met Dylan; he has always looked stylish and swept the girls off their feet wherever he went.

Dylan likes shopping because of the fashion trends that are constantly changing.  He also believes that first impressions are important because you only have one chance.  Furthermore Dylan likes fashion items that can easily be mixed and matched.  Over the years he has learned what works together and what doesn't.

I met John-Wayne Keyser last year for the first time at the North West School of Design’s annual Graduation Show.  John-Wayne won the best collection and his collection left me breathless.  He is currently a 3rd year student and I can’t wait to see some of his latest work.

This talented designer believes that new clothes give you a sense of confidence and adding a few new pieces opens up a world of possibilities of choices.  He likes tailored clothes with some rocker influence. 

Curtis Knight is a full time B.Comm Charted Accountancy (CA) student at NWU-PUKKE.  He believes that fashion is important because it speaks an international language that is visible to those who surround you.  It’s a way of saying who and what you are without saying a word. 

Whenever I see Curtis on campus I am amazed by his amazing style.  He can pull off looks that most guys only can dream about!  He loves shopping and feels it helps him to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends.  Fashion is very important to him because if you dress well people will take interest at what you wear before taking interest in your personality or what you do.

This is the first time I did a blog post like this and it was an amazing experience.  Both Eben and Viljé are famous in South Africa and have a very busy and demanding schedule.  I was really amazed by their reply and how casually and friendly they decided to help me.  It is always great to know that some famous people out there will still make time for something that is important to someone else. 

It was interesting to see how men make their choices when it comes to fashion and that they actually care about how they look.  I think there is a very huge market in South Africa for wardrobe planning that focuses on men.  The majority of magazines focuses on women’s fashion, but I feel if more men can be educated about their fashion choices, more informed decisions will be made.

I also want to thank all the guys who participated.  I am very grateful for the responses I got.  I hope that all the guys out there also show the same enthusiasm about fashion that you guys do.

My final year exams are around the corner and I will be writing my first paper this Friday.  I am very excited to finish my B.Sc. degree and to start with my honours degree in fashion and textiles next year.  Furthermore I am very excited to share all my new ideas with you in the upcoming months and years ahead. Thank you so much for everyone who has supported me with my blog posts.

When you do what you love, you love what you do.

Have a lovely day.

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