Beauty Extravaganza

I am excited to share my first beauty blog post with you!

One of my friends wanted to know what the hair and nail trends for Autumn/Winter 2015 will be.  So I did some research and I am happy to share all my tips with you this week. 

Shades of green will be overpowering the dainty and playful summer colours.  You can expect to see a lot of dark, khaki greens as well as greens with a blue undertone to it.  This colour can go horribly wrong if you do not wear a colour that complements your skin tone - so be sure to keep that in mind when going green this Autumn/Winter.
I love metallic colour nail polish in the winter.  It always looks so warm and empowered.  So be on the lookout for a dark burgundy colour that will be categorised under the metallic group for this winter.  Don't be shy to go shiny as well, like the gold Givenchy nail polish seen in the image above.    
If you are used to your dark hair - there is good news for the Autumn/Winter of 2015.  The darker, the better.  You can go darker by using highlights, or go for a more golden brown look.  The colour that best suits your complexion is the way to go.

For this season the strawberry blonde is combined with red to get this beautiful rose gold colour.  Again, if it is something that works with your complexion, do not be afraid to try it this year.

When going blonde this season, do it like you mean it!  Go all out.  Ditch the summer beachy blonde colour and go as blonde as you can.  When you wear colours that complements your hair, you will look like a celebrity in an instant!
Keep all these tips in mind, but remember to embrace only the hair and nail looks that will suit your personality, skin tone and style.  I will be posting my first Woolworths Beauty look this week as well - so be on the lookout!


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