Special Blog Post - Carla van der Merwe

So this year’s special blog posts got a lot of positive feedback and I am proud to share another one with you today.

Carla van der Merwe, or better known as Petro in 7de Laan, is an open-mined, positive and passionate young lady.  Her answers from the questionnaire portrayed her fashion sense as laid back with a “girl next door” type of image.  She said that she always liked more comfortable fashion instead of structured clothing items like pencil skirts and blazers.  As an actress she is very busy and seldom has enough time on her hands to consult a large amount of fashion magazines, so she uses Pinterest as her primary source for keeping up to date on the latest fashion trends as it requires little effort.  She also likes shopping at a variety of retail stores.

This is a photo Phillip Rabie recently posted, showing the close resemblances between Carla and Emily van Camp or better known as Amanda Clark / Emily Thorne from the popular American ABC series, Revenge.

Carla likes light colours such as white, baby blue/ pink etc. This is a perfect choice as it compliments her complexion. Her favourite time of the day is dusk as it reminds her of another day that comes to an end; she also describes it as “peaceful and exciting at the same time”.   

When I asked Carla if she could visit any place in the world, where would it be, and her answer was Monaco.  I then used this as one of the inspirations for her outfit.  That, and of course, the dusky time of day.   

So I decided to style a look for later afternoon, drinking cocktails with her friends.  I tried to keep this look feminine, but not too “girly”.  I decided on the following items:
First of all, the distressed, dark wash skinny jeans were a perfect fit for her.  Combining it with the Crust Vest in silver, it still keeps her looking ladylike, without going too extreme.  The Utopia High Vamp heels and Vogue-printed clutch keeps this look young.  Because of the fact that the top and clutch is already eye catching, I decided to keep the accessories to a minimum by just adding the Pearl Drop Earrings.  Finish this look of with a nude/pink nail polish and a fresh flower/mint scented fragrance.

A-List Crush Vest in Silver available at Spree for R 369, 00.
Dark wash distressed jeans available Mr Price for R 159, 00.
Utopia High Vamp Heels in a Nude colour available at Zando for R 179, 00.
Style Republic Magazine-print Clutch White available at Spree for R 389, 00.
Style Republic Pearl Drop Earrings, White available at Spree for R 180, 00.
Essie Lady Like Nail Polish in Light Mauve available at Zando for R 119, 00.
Sensu Mini Eau De Toilette Fragrance available at Woolworths for R 140, 00.

This special blog post was yet another exciting experience and I really hope that Carla also likes the outfit I styled for her.

Have a lovely day.


(All of the items used in this post is available at the following stores)

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