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Daniëlla van Heerden is a South African television news field reporter.  A week ago I messaged her to find out if she would like to be part of a special blog post I am planning to do.  She was incredibly kind with her replies and her optimistic attitude made me even more excited about this specific blog post as she is one of the first to be part of this.

Daniëlla's job has an enormous impact on her fashion style.  In the interview she said that her outfits must always be appropriate for the particular type of story she is doing, thus containing a lot of  formal clothes such as structured blazers and dresses.  Furthermore she also said that her outfits cannot be to loud or busy with prints, otherwise the people watching the news will most likely only focus on your outfit and now what she is saying.  

When I asked her to describe her personal style in 5 words, her answer was:
"Classic, Feminine, Whimsical, Colourful and Formal"

So I decided to take all the information obtained from the questionnaire I sent and style 2 outfits that I think she will look fabulous in.

I found out that her favourite time of day is Brunch Time and that she also likes wearing bright colours.  This two aspects motivated me to style two outfits for her - specifically for brunch time.  Daniëlla also likes to look stylish on a budget.  Even though some of the items I usually use in blog posts are a bit pricey, I also like looking good on a budget.  So when my search started for clothing items I also had to be aware of the prices of the items.  Daniëlla also said that she cannot go a day without her handbag, earrings, cellphone, perfume and lipstick which I then also tried to incorporate in her two styled looks.

This was the first time that I styled an outfit for somebody I did not knew at all.  With my friends and family I unconsciously know what they like and do not like, but this was a new and exciting experience for me.  As an inspiring merchandise buyer / freelance stylist it is very important to keep in mind that I have to set my personal style and influences aside when working with other people.  In this case it was especially difficult.  My wardrobe consists of white, beige, grey and black and   Daniëlla loves colour!  I then tried to incorporate one of my biggest rules by choosing plain one colour only outfits and to spice it up a bit with accessories.  

These three pictures on Daniëlla's Pinterest board, "Miss Bargainista" gave me a good idea of her personal style and how she likes to wear her clothes.
Keeping Daniëlla's skin tone and hair colour in mind I knew this dress will look stunning on her.  The small cut out detail on the shoulder makes this cobalt blue dress even more special.  I then kept it simple with the nude shopper handbag.  This specific bag is perfect for a news field reporter because she has more than enough space in the bag to put all her essential items in.  The nude heel I chose is a very flattering option as it elongates your leg.  The pop of colour was incorporated by adding a colourful beaded bracelet with colourful drop earrings.  The pink in the sunglasses then adds the last bit of colour to this look.  I then choose a Woolworths light/nude pink chubby stick and the Woolworths L'orential perfume has a spice undertone which will complement the diversity of this look.

Cobalt Blue Gathered High-Low dress from Edit available at Spree for R 170,00.
Beige/Nude Trim Shopper Bag from Utopia, available at Zando for R 229,00.
Neutral Wedge with Tripping from Solle available at Spree for R 199,00.
Novelty bracelet available at Mr. Price for R 19,99.
Multi-bead and diamante drop earrings from Utopia, available at Zando for R 89,000
Round Peak Frame Sunglasses in Dark Pink from Funky Fish, available at Spree for R 119,00.
Kiss Chubby Lipstick 
(Girl Gone Wild Colour), available at Woolworths for R 39, 95.
I took a chance in combing softer colours for the second outfit.  The colours used can still be categorized as "cool colours" which was Daniëlla's favourite.  This outfit is a lot more toned down than the previous one, but the shoes, handbag and sunglasses were used again for this look.  I decided to pick the pink nude dress with the same nude handbag and shoes, but with the accessories I decided on pastel colours that complements the dress.  With a much more tone down outfit than the previous, I decided to use a lavish pink lipstick and a fragrance with a soft undertone.

Mesh Summer Dress Nude from Utopia, available at Zando for R 189,00.
Beige/Nude Trim Shopper Bag from Utopia, available at Zando for R 229,00.
Neutral Wedge with Tripping from Solle available at Spree for R 199,00.   Round Peak Frame Sunglasses in Dark Pink from Funky Fish, available at Spree for R 119,00.Flower Crystal Stone Drop Earrings from Funky Fish, available at Zando for R 89,00.
Multi-colour stacker bracelets with diamante jewels from Edge, available at Zando for R 55,00.
Kiss Chubby Lipstick 
(Starlet in the making colour), available at Woolworths for R 39.95.
EDT, Moi Moi fragrance available at Woolworths for R 140,00.
This was truly one of the nicest experiences I had in a very long time.  I also hope that Daniëlla likes the outfits I styled for her and it was an absolute delight to work with her.  If anybody has fashion questions, comment in the commentary box and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a lovely day.


The fashion items used in this blog post is available at the following shops:

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