Special Blog Post - Louw Breytenbach

When I first contacted Louw Breytenbach and asked him to be part of my next special blog post I was amazed by his reply.  Enthusiastic and friendly.  It even got me more excited about doing this post about him.

Louw owns his own theater, he works as a fashion correspondent for Fashion Mondays on ANN7's Buzz Feed and he is a journalist.  Wow. What a mouth full.  And the best part of it all?  I think he is great in everything he does.  

Fashion is a very important part of Louw's life.  He says that fashion is a way you can tell other people who you are - without having to speak.  This loyal, free-spirited guy is a jean-lover.  Louw's precise words were: "I love jeans... They are not practical or suited for all occasions, but a good pair is like the best friend your butt can ever have." So with this statement my first thought was to find him the perfect jean!

Louw loves New York.  He has been there 3 times already and said he would go back any time.  This was then also part of the inspiration I used to style his outfit.  New York, the mood of late nights as well as some pop music influences.  

I was very happy to find out that he loves wearing statement pieces.  Louw prefers keeping things simple with monochromatic colours, but adding one colourful statement piece or even a wooden broach will complete his look.  

With Louw being up to date with all the latest fashion trends and being somebody who is not afraid to use statement items I was really nervous to style an outfit just for him, but in the end I had a lot of fun and I hope that he likes this New York Sleek look. 

This outfit will be perfect for a late night out.  New York influenced me in going a little bit "all out" with this look and one can never go wrong with wearing all black combined with a statement piece.  So I decided on the breathtaking Geo-print Multi-Coloured jacket from C Squared available from Spree for R 1, 699,00.  I then kept things simple by adding the Black Skinny Jeans available from Markhams for R 380,00 and the Black Carducci shirt available at Zando for R 699,00.  When I saw the shoes I knew it will work with the look I had in mind.  The Check Slip-ons in Black is available at Spree for R550.  Because of the fact that the jacket is already a statement I kept it simple by just adding the Round Black Dial Mono Watch in Black from Tomato available at Zando for R 549,00.  Louw can rock a funky hair-do and in order for it to last the whole night I added the L'Oreal Studio Line indestructible Gel.  Lastly I added the Calvin Klein fragrance available from Zando for R 699,00. 

This was really an amazing experience for me and I enjoyed it a lot!  Louw Breytenbach is a guy you should keep up with, because he is definitely world class!


(All the items used in the New York Sleek look is available at the following shops)

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