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Today I will be finishing my hair and nail posts for this week.  This was really a fun experience in sharing more beauty oriented tips with all of you.

There is of course no better way to finish this beauty posts than doing a Woolworths Exclusive post.  Yesterday I showed you all the different ways that you can style your hair for Autumn/Winter 2015, so today I will be sharing some Woolworths hair accessories that you can use to achieve that look.  Also I searched for some nail polish that will be perfect for you for this winter.

So here are some of the prettiest hair pins I have seen in a long time.  It will be perfect for that messy up-do on a busy day.  From left to right, first is the Diamante Bobby Pins for R 49,95, second is the Flower Applique Hair Slides for R 49,95, third is the Heart Hair-slides for R 49,95 and lastly is the beautiful Pearl Bobby Pins for R 39,95.

An Alice Band is one of those items you can wear when you are five, and when worn correctly, even when you are 50!  These to nude pink Alice Bands especially caught my eye when searching for something for the "All Tucked In" look.  First is the Mimco Moondance Headband for R 299,00 and second is the Wide Alice Band for only R 49,95.

As we all know - the ponytail will always be in fashion.  So for the "how low can you go" look I decided to get some stylish hair bands to make your ponytail extra special.  From left to right, first is the beautiful Pearl Bow Hairband for R 35,00, second is the Tassel Pearl Hairband for R 39,95, then there is the Witchery Cymbal Pony Hairtie for R 99,00 and lastly is the Witchery Metal Hair Cuff for R 99,00.

This Mimco Disc Pony Set for R 179,00 will make a subtle statement wherever you go.  

I absolutely fell in love when I first saw this astonishing Mimco Migrata Clip for R 149,00.  This will basically work with all the looks I showed you yesterday and is a perfect pick if you are not really in the mood for jewelry. 

Now, for your nails.  Woolworths has the perfect Nail Varnish Remover Wipes for R29,95 that I cannot go a day without.  The nail polish from left to right is Nail Polish Quick Dry Mini Bottle in a nude colour for R 59,95, second is the dark purple/burgundy metallic Nail Polish for R 29,95.  In the middle is the Revlon Gel Nail Hardener for R 120,00, then in a brown metallic colour is the Revlon Nail Enamel for R 99,95 and lastly is the green with a bit of a blue undertone Revlon Nail Enamel for R 99,95.
This weeks new experience of beauty blogging was successful and I will certainly do it more in the future as well.

Keep your eyes out for a very special blog post tomorrow on one of South Africa's 7de Laan sweethearts.

Have a lovely day.


(All of the items used in this blog post is exclusively available at Woolworths) 

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