Woolworths Exclusive - Timeless Tracksuit

Non-verbal communication can say a lot more than you can say by using words.  I realised this when I talked to one of my best friends and the moment I said that my next blog post will be about menswear fashion, and more specific, tracksuits, his face said it all.  His facial expressions varied from highly disgusted to "what on earth are you thinking"?

So guys, here it is.  A timeless tracksuit look, available exclusively at Woolworths that will make you jump in your car, go to a Woolworths that is close to you and buy the items right away.  I want you to forget about the "traditional" tracksuit.  It's no longer just the polyester, over sized tracksuits that can be worn.  In this modern area we live the focus has shifted to a more tailored, sleek and timeless look.

Both these pictures inspired me to style the Timeless Tracksuit look.  The monochromatic grey colours in the first picture is my main focus area where the leather in the next picture was used as inspiration when choosing the shoes, hat and wallet for this particular look.

This Timeless Tracksuit look is perfect for a weekend getaway.  You will feel comfortable and look stylish throughout your day.  The first item I chose was Speckled Grey Sweatpants from Country Road.  I then decided to pair it up with Dark Grey Pique T-Shirt also from Country Road.   I then used the second picture from the inspiration where leather was the main focus of the look and incorporated it in the High Top Sneakers, Baseball Peak Cap as well as the Leather Weekender bag from Country Road.  Finish this look off with a sporty Round Silicone Watch, Metal Aviator Sunglasses and a Textured Leather Wallet and you are ready to go!

Speckled Sweat Pant from Country Road available for R 649,00.
Pique T-Shirt from Country Road R 429,00.
High Top Sneakers R 499,00.
Baseball Peak Cap R 180,00.
Leather Weekender from Country Road available for R 3,199,00.
Textured Leather Wallet R 325,00.
Metal Aviator Sunglasses R 199,95.
Round Silicon Watch R 299,00.
I hope that I have changed the way you guys look at tracksuits and that you will try this in the future.


(The clothing items used is exclusive to Woolworths)

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