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Janine Snyders is the Editor-in-Chief for Pols magazine, which focuses on fashion, lifestyle and entertainment and is available in South Africa.  This talented woman is also the publicist for LynnĂ© de Jager, a previous Mrs. SA.  Working constantly with the media, Janine must keep up to date with the latest in fashion trends.  She also believes that the first impression made by a person is very important and when you look good, you will also feel good.

Janine describes herself as a workaholic with a passion for life and what she does.  Her edgy style complements her figure and completes her look.  I love seeing how people can create an edgy look and stay true to themselves in the process and not to be influenced by the media as much.  

The first thing many people will see when they look at Janine is her stunning hair-do.  She thanks her hair stylist, Cornel Nel, from Follicle Hair Atelier in Pretoria for the way she does her hair.  Janine also said that her hair is one of her best features and this can be seen clearly as she owns each and every style.

 When I asked Janine what are the five items she cannot go a day without she said the following:

Her phone.
Coffee - and lots of it.

I used this as one of the largest inspiration to style her outfit.  I also found out that her favourite clothing item is her leather jacket.  This of course also helped me to style an outfit I thought she would look great in.  The main focus I had with the outfit was that Janine loves really really late nights - this is the time of the day where she can be creative with nothing that will steal her attention from what she is doing.

This look is perfect for a late night brainstorm session with friends in a comfortable coffee shop. Although Janine's favourite clothing item is a leather jacket - I decided to still use leather in this look, but just by using this texture in the pants.  So this modern black leather pant with side zip details will look stunning with this Intarsia Knitted top with grey and white accents.  Pair this up with some white and grey Vivian Sneakers and this look is already going somewhere.  As a brand ambassador for Stiki, I decided to use a camera shaped broach with cork heart earrings.  Sticking to the more natural feel with the accessories I decided on this stunning WeWood watch and of course the linen bag with the words "Bag of Tricks" was just the perfect addition to this look.  Finish it off with some Tommy Hilfiger fragrance and Janine is ready for some creative thinking.

Leatherette Leggings available at Foschini.
 Intarsia Knitted Sweater available at Woolworths.
Vivian Sneakers available at Woolworths.
Camera Broach available at Stiki.
Cork Heart Earrings available at Stiki.
WeWood Date Watch in Brown available at Spree.
Linen bag available at Mr. Price.
Tommy Girl fragrance available at Spree.

With Janine's statement hair-do's and wonderful personality - I think she will look stunning in the outfit I styled.

For any questions or comments about this look, please contact me.

(All the clothing items used in this look is available at the following shops)

To find out more about Pols Magazine, have a look at their Facebook page.

Also have a look at Follicle Hair Atelier if you are in the Pretoria region and want a new hair-do that will make you look like a celebrity!

I hope this look has inspired some of you to try something new.

Have a lovely day.


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