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JD Engelbrecht is a professional dancer, freelance choreographer and model.  Keeping in mind what he does, you can just imagine that this guy already has an awesome fashion style.  When taking his job into consideration it is rather obvious that he is more aware of what he wears as his clothing should not be skin tight or too frumpy as both will affect him when dancing, so clothing that allows him easy movement is a big must.

Due to the fact that a big part of JD's life involves networking he feels that it is important to keep up to date with the latest trends.  He loves wearing a good pair of trousers, bootleg or tailored, as it accentuates his figure, but still allows easy movement.  I strongly believe that this sleek, classic yet masculine style will only improve his reputation as a dancer.

JD loves wearing monochromatic colours and keeping it simple with earthy tones, but still sometimes like bringing in his favourite colour - turquoise.  For some fashion inspiration he likes to see what Nick Jonas wears and JD also feels that Zac Efron has a more serious look that also inspires him.  Although he always looks put together, JD says he is horrible at doing shopping - because he can sometimes be very indecisive.  

For the inspiration for this look I decided to focus more on Brazil.  JD says that he has been privileged to have danced abroad and worked with plenty of Brazilians.  If there is one nation's people who knows how to dance - then it is the Brazilians.

So as a dancer, JD is always on the move.  I thought it would be best to style a "from day to night look" for him, where he can simply change his shoes and pants and be ready for a night out.  It was rather interesting for me to style this type of look as I had to keep in mind that JD must still be able to move in the clothing and it should still accentuate his figure.

The key item of this look is the Biak Jersey in a Milk and Grey colour.  This monochromatic knitwear will look good with a wide variety of pants.  So for the day time, more active look, I decided on the black Nike pants and Tan/White Relay Luxe Hi-Top sneakers with a striped cap that has a mustache detail.  If JD wants to take this top and mix it up for a more chilled, put together look for the evening he can then wear the  Slim Chino's in a Beige/Khaki colour, pair it up with Boots in a Mid Brown colour and add a Chunky Rib Silcone Watch.  To ensure that he can keep all his belongings together while traveling I decided to add the Little America Backpack in a grey colour.  JD can feel fresh throughout the day by using the Carolina Herrera fragrance, Chic, for men.

Nike V442 Pants Black available at Spree.
Biak Jersey Milk from Dstruct available at Spree.
Slim Chinos Khaki from Edited available at Spree.
Tan/White Relay Luxe Hi-Top Sneaker available at Markham.
Boots Mid-Brown from Kingston available at Spree.
Little America Backpack Grey from Herschel available at Spree.
Stripped Cap from Edge available at Spree.
Carolina Herrera fragrance, Chic, For Men available at Spree.
Chunky Rib Silcone Watch available at Woolworths.

I believe that JD will look great in bot these looks and still be able to dance his heart out - in comfort and style of course!

(All the clothing items used in this post is available at the following stores:)

For any advise or comments, please contact me.

Have a lovely day.


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