Special Blog Post - JP Robberts - Woolworths Exclusive Look

JP Robberts is a model, singer and owns his own business.  This tall, dark and handsome young man is also a finalist for Mr. South Africa 2015.  Being in the entertainment industry it surely helps him to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends - and JP's looks is never disappointing.  

  In the questionnaire I send to the people who are interested in being part of my special blog posts I have a question which asks them to describe themselves in 5 words.  JP described himself as a bubbly, energetic, friendly, humble and proud person which I knew was true because the first contacted JP and asked if he would be part of my blog he was so nice about it.

Styling outfits for guys can sometimes be a bit more challenging than styling outfits for the ladies due to the fact that us ladies has so much more options.  Sometimes it feels to me like the mass media focuses largely on the female fashion industry and so easily neglects menswear.  Although styling can be a bit tricky when you also do not know the person as well, I absolutely loved styling an outfit for JP.

With his favourite time of the day being dawn and the location in the world he would like to travel to most is Paris - I had the inspiration for my styled outfit all figured out.  The French has a very simplistic, yet eye catching style.  

Paris at dawn is a perfect time to do some exploring.

This outfit, right from the start, just looked like something to be worn in Paris. Perfect at dawn to explore Paris - this Urban Nylon Backpack from Country Road will keep everything that you have to carry with you safe.  I then decided to use the Woven Track Pant, also from Country Road as it will be very comfortable for this journey.   By adding the  Indigo Gingham Shirt also from Country Road it gives this look a more "put together" feeling.  I then decided to keep the rest of the look simple by only adding the Leather Desert Boots and the Metal Mesh Watch.  Round this look off with some DKNY for men and JP will be ready for his journey exploring Paris at dawn.
I believe that JP will look stunning in this outfit! If you want more information about JP, please click on the image in the side tool bar (just above the total page views section) and you will be directed to his Facebook page.

(All the items used in this blog post is exclusively available at Woolworths)

Have a lovely day.


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