Special Blog Post - Henck Conrey

I recently heard that South Africa has some of the best entrepreneurs in the world – and Henck Conrey is definitely one of them. He is the founder of Conrey Entertainment and he is also a television producer, actor and part time B.Com accounting student at the University of South Africa (UNISA).  Wow.  Henck says that he is a creative person, but with some “left brain” abilities as well as he also enjoys being extremely analytical and logical.  Founding Conrey Entertainment it gave Henck the opportunity to combine his love for performance as well as corporate South Africa. Being exposed to both the corporate and creative side of life Henck says that the fashion differs – a lot!  As an actor you are able to express yourself in the clothes you wear, but in the corporate life there are more strict guidelines as to what is appropriate or not.
Fashion is a very important part of any person’s life and I am so happy to see that Henck also realises that.  When you think of an actor and what they wear it most likely represents a brand.  Henck used the example of Johnny Depp.  When you think of Johnny Depp’s fashion style you get a much more laid back casual look.  This “look” you decided on is how you will be recognised by the public eye.

Henck is very privileged to have a mother who is extremely fashionable and who helps him pick out most of his clothing items.  When he visits his parents he will easily find a new wardrobe hanging in his closet that his mother picked out for him.  I wish that more guys will listen to their mothers on what to wear and what not to wear – mommy’s always knows best!  Henck’s hair stylist, André Dercksen from Equilibrium Hair and Beauty in Pretoria ensures that his hair is always in peak condition and André is also the sponsor of Henck’s hair do on the new Afrikaans television show “Vat jou goed en trek” that will begin in October 2015.

So this ambitions, friendly and goal-driven young man considers himself to be a night owl.  He will stay up and work until 4am to get the work done. This hard working man loves his Fabiani suits and it will always look put together when meeting with investors, but other than that Henck doesn’t find brand names essential to his everyday life fashion style.  Henck also says that it is important to know what suits your body type and not necessary wear clothing just because it is fashionable at the moment.  It is so refreshing to see that there is other people, especially a guy, who knows the importance of not only dressing to suit your body, but keeping it in style.

For the inspiration for this look I styled I decided on these three pictures.  From the left is a picture I found on Pinterest and the one in the middle is of Henck himself and the last picture I also found on Pinterest.  When I asked Henck where would he like to travel to, he said the following:
   "I want to travel the world with only a backpack and without any luxuries such as fancy hotels, expensive restaurants, etc. I want to embed myself in the different cultures of the places I visit. I believe there are much to be learned from people of different backgrounds, and cultures, other than our own. I wish everybody in SA would realize this and start to learn from each other and celebrate our differences, instead of condemning these differences and only focusing on one’s own race and culture."

So I used this as an inspiration for styling him a look to travel in style.

As mentioned above, I wanted to style Henck an outfit where he can travel the world, see new places and meet new people.  When travelling you must carry as few as possible things with you - thus I decided to style only one outfit, but with multiple items that can be used to mix and match for other looks.  First of all I found this amazing Shawl-collar jersey and I decided to pair this up with a stone coloured straight fit jean.  When it comes to shoes, comfort is key so this pair of Suede Slip on Shoes was the perfect choice for this outfit!  When it comes to accessories I chose to keep it simple, but still stylish.  First of all is the beautiful links stich scarf from Trenery and furthermore I decided to use a pair of aviator sunglasses, a must-have Crane Apparel wood watch and of course the television brooch from Stiki to always remind Henck that he is amazing at what he does in the entertainment industry.  When travelling a backpack is a must have and this grey retreat backpack in mid-grey was the perfect choice.  Complete this look by adding the boy wash for men and Henck has all the necessities to travel the world!

Shawl-collar Jersey in Grey from Edited available at Spree.
Straight Fit Jeans in a Stone colour from Next available at Spree.
Suede Slip on Shoes available at Woolworths.
Links Stitch Scarf from Trenery available at Woolworths.
Aviator sunglasses from Bellfield available at Spree.
Crane Apparel Wood Watch available at Crane Apparel.
Television Brooch available at Stiki.
Retreat Backpack in Mid Grey from Herschel available at Spree.
Body Shampoo for men from -415 available at Spree.

I believe that Henck will look great in this look!  Be sure to check out Conrey Entertainment by clicking on the logo below.

(If you want more information about the clothing items used in this look, check out these stores to find out more)

Have a lovely day!


#DropThePlus - Fashion should not be measured in size

There was never a time in my life when my mother ever told me that I should be skinny to look beautiful in the clothes I wear.  Oh no.  My mother taught me to always be clean and to wear clothing that is timeless and that you can wear more than once without people noticing it too much.  So it is without a doubt that my mommy has the largest influence on the style I have today.

It is so sad that the time we live in, girls are being bombarded with images of fashion models, most likely 1.75 meters and taller, in a size 2 or 0.  People often want to know what the real size of beauty is and what is considered to be “fat” and “skinny”. 

In some countries a woman will be considered plus size when she is size 10, 12 and bigger.  In that case I will also be considered plus size.  The word itself might be embarrassing to other women but who cares? Of course there was a time in my life when I considered myself healthier looking than I am now, but why let other people influence the image you have of yourself? 

Elle recently posted an article online of models that want to change the perception there is about the term “plus sized”. There are Australian models who would like to change the stigma that is associated with “plus size” for the sake of women everywhere.  Another Australian model, Laura Wells was recently part of the launch of the popular active wear label, The Upside.  The initiative of the Be You campaign launched by The Upside encourages women to “be at home in their own skin” and give them more confidence.  Laura is proud to be part of this advertisement and had the following to say:
“I find it interesting that The Upside has previously used Candice Swanepoel, a Victoria’s Secret model [in their ads], and now they’re using a ‘plus size’ model.”

“It’s fantastic for them to show that yes, our clothes look great on a Victoria’s Secret model. But look how great they also look on people of all sizes.”

“It’s very daring, but at the same time, it’s something that should be seen as normal. The fact that we have to celebrate is a bit sad.”
My body is relatable and aspirational to a lot of people. There are a lot of models that we see every day in magazines and high fashion and it’s not always achievable for a lot of people to look like that. They say, ‘Oh I can’t look like that.”

“I am between 3-6 sizes larger than a normal, industry standard model.”
My body is relatable and aspirational to a lot of people. There are a lot of models that we see every day in magazines and high fashion and it’s not always achievable for a lot of people to look like that. They say, ‘Oh I can’t look like that.”

“I am between 3-6 sizes larger than a normal, industry standard model.”

From the media, to friends and family - women are so easily being told that they do not fit in with the picture of society, but that is so not true.  I would love it when women felt more comfortable in their skin and if they could walk down the sidewalk each and every day with confidence knowing that how they look and feel is entirely up to them.
Isaac Mizrahi: "I don't like segregation, I like incorporation."
During an interview with HuffPost Live, Mizrahi expressed his disinterest in what he called the "segregation" that plus-size shoppers and models experience. "I don't want to speak to a plus-sized woman differently than I speak to a woman," he said, adding, "I don't like segregation, I like incorporation, I like integration. If you're going to do clothes, you need to do them in a whole size range."

Tanesha Awasthi of Girl With Curves: Bloggers should be labelled as bloggers.
In an interview with Who What Wear, Awasthi spoke about the future of plus-size. As a blogger, she mentioned her "frustration" with being labelled as a "plus-size blogger." She said, "One day I hope the blogging community at large will recognize fashion bloggers as bloggers and not lump us into size categories."

Ivan Bart, IMG Models Senior Vice President and Managing Director: "We want to be an ageless, race-less, weightless agency."
IMG made news when they added models like Ashley Graham and Julie Henderson to its roster. Though these women were traditionally pegged as "plus-size," IMG made the revolutionary choice to keep the models in line with other talents, such as Gisele Bundchen. Bart told Cosmopolitan, "We want to be an ageless, race-less, weightless agency," and added, "We just want to represent the best people in the industry."
So ladies forget what the media says about your size, #DropThePlus and look and feel good in the clothing you wear – no matter the size!


Cannes Film Festival coming to an end

With the Cannes Film Festival coming to an end I thought it would only be appropriate to share my last few favourite designs with all of you.  If you need a special dress for a very special occasion that is around the corner - you would surely find some inspiration here.

Cate Blanchett in a lengthy Armani Prive gown.
Chanel Iman in a Donna Karen deisgn.
Chanel Iman in a glittering Reem Acra gown.

Emily Blunt in a Stella McCartney column gown.
Jane Fonda in a white suit and dangling scarf-necklace.
Joan Smalls in a white Azzedine Alaia design.
Niki Reed and Ian Somerhalder at the Youth premier with Nikki in a whimsical royal blue Azzaro design.
Petra nemcova in a Zuhair Murad Couture Dress.


Special Blog Post - Jean-Pierre Rossouw - Woolworths Exclusive

Jean-Pierre Rossouw is a performer so his fashion style depends or sometimes changes depending on the show or premier he attends.  Fashion is an important part of his life as JP knows that it plays a role with making first impressions so he likes to look presentable at all times mostly due to the fact that he represents his own "business". 

JP likes mixing casual with semi-formal clothes in the evening which is one of the inspirations I used to style him outfit. This and of course his love for monochromatic colours.  JP also says that he looks young for his age so he feels that these colours give him some form of maturity.  

With his love for more monochromatic colours I decided to have a monochromatic approach to his blog post.  Thus I only used black and white photographs and the outfit I styled was also in shades of grey. I myself love wearing monochromatic colours so it was really fun styling an outfit for JP.

When I asked him if he could travel to any place in the world, what would it be, he said Europe.  Another aspect I used as inspiration for his look.  This entire look I styled is also exclusively available at Woolworths.

So when I searched for some European pictures on Pinterest I instantly fell in love with these three.  The snow is perfect for an outfit that will have a lot of grey in and I chose the items in such a manner that JP will not get cold for one second!
I believe that this look is perfect for a traveler traveling through Europe.  Okay so first of all I just chose colours in the grey spectrum and maybe even darker (like the jacket).  I once read that one of the largest mistakes we as South Africans make overseas is to not layer our clothing.  So I have tried it myself on the coldest winter days and it truly works!  This is why I first chose the Textured Gingham shirt from Trenery.  I then decided to add a Blocked Cable Wool cashmere sweater, also available at Trenery.  Lastly I chose the Wool Pea Coat from Country Road that will ensure that JP will not easily freeze! When it comes to traveling keeping your luggage light is a very important aspect so that is why I chose the dark wash slim fit jeans, that he can easily incorporate with other looks as well.  When it comes to accessories I decided to keep it simple by only adding the Lambswool knitted scarf, grey denim backpack and suede ankle boots.  Simple, yet stylish.  
I also chose all the items in this look in such a manner that JP can easily pair it up with other clothing items - so mix and match is a high probability.  

When it comes down to styling looks for men it is always so much fun for me.  I think that JP has an impeccable style and he knows what the image is that he would like to project.  I also believe that he as a bright future in the entertainment industry in South Africa and will look stylish for entire journey!

(All the clothing items used in this blog post is exclusively available at Woolworths)

Have a lovely day.


Cannes Film Festival Continues...

 So the Cannes Film Festival continues and here is some of my favourite designs. 

Andie Macdowell in a sheer embroided Zuhair Murad gown
Diane Kruger in a sparkling halter-neck Prada gown.
Emma Stone in a pollished white Dior gown.
Jane Fonda in a cutout Versace dress
Li Binigbing in a sheer belted Zuhaur Murad with delicate crystal embroidery.
Michelle Rodriguez in a lace-panaled black gown
Natalie Portman in a black and white Dior dress
Rachel Wiesz in a custom white Louis Vuitton gown
Rooney Mara in a draped Rochas gown with a delicate keyhole neckline
Salma Hayek in a punchy magnete Gucci gown
Sienna Miller and Xavier Dolan in Sonia Rykiel and Louis Vuitton


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