Designer Crush - Crane Apparel by Timo Crane

About two weeks ago I contacted Timo Crane, the genius behind Crane Apparel, wanting to know when the official launch of Crane Apparel will be in South Africa and today is the day! 

This is truly a Proudly South African product as the entire production process takes place in South Africa.  I love the concept of wood and leather combined and of course the variations thereof.  I believe that this newly launched wood watch collection will soon become a must have item for every consumer in South Africa.  This wood watch collection is unisex size, so all men and women can own this look!  This novelty item is most certainly on my wish list for my birthday in September!  

So, today I will be sharing some of the photos on Crane Apparel's Facebook page, showing bits and pieces of the entire process.

A sketch of the concept watch.
The watches in the production process.
The 3-D prototype.
The Assembly.
Behind the Scenes.
The final product! This is only one of the many variations, if you want to see more, have a look at Crane Apparel's Website by clicking on the logo below.

The man of the hour, Timo Crane, who is the mastermind behind Crane Apparel.
As I look back on previous "Designer Crush" posts I did I only now realized that most of them were about American and European designers, but South African designers should not be forgotten.  And by designers I don't always refer to fashion designers, but people who are responsible for the creation of unique and exquisite products, like Crane Apparel.  I will be using a Crane Apparel watch in my special blog post for tomorrow - so be on the lookout.  

I am so excited to see what Crane Apparel has in store for the future!


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