Eyes Wide Open

When I was in grade 8 I wanted glasses.  So my mother took me to the optometrist and he said that my eye sight great.  A year after that, in grade nine, I had constant headaches and wanted to go for a eye test again.  In a year's time my eyesight went from eagle quality to needing glasses.... So ever since I was 14 years old i tried out different styles of glasses, and I am now slowly but surely staring to figure out what style will be perfect for everyday life.  Something effortless, sleek and fashionable.

So here are a few celebrities that eye-wear looks inspire me;

Kelly Osbourne
Zooey Deschanel
Victoria Beckham
Eva Mendes
Jennifer Aniston
Emma Stone
Michelle Trachtenberg 

I especially love the last pair worn by by Michelle.  It has a cat eye flair that is very flattering to her face shape.  I love the big frames.  As I like my hair pulled back most of the time it adds that extra dramatic look. 
Here I am showing off one of the articles I wrote for the local newspaper. 
Here I am with my best friend, Jolindi Botha.  As I said, I love my hair all pulled back - so when I am in a rush, I love the effortlessness of a middle parted big bun and then with my glasses as well this is a very statement look.

I think everybody has their dream shopping destinations.  In South Africa, I can get lost in places like Gateway, Waterfront Mall and Sandton City.  So when it comes to eye wear the one place that I would love to visit is Eyewear Boutiquesituated in Alberton, Gauteng.

Leandi Du Randt in one of Eyewear Boutique's glasses.
Check out their website to find out more:
(click on the image below to be directed)


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