Keep It Together - WGSN Handbag Update

At the age of nine I got my first handbag ever that my mommy bought for me on my birthday.  Since that day it was love at first sight. So I will say that I am addicted to buying handbags.  Once I gave my parents almost a heart attack when I told then that I will rather buy a handbag one day than food.  But yes.  That is how much I love handbags.

As a student I don't always the necessary funds for buying a handbag every month, but every time I have some extra money it will be spent on handbags.  I even told my best friend, when a guy wants to propose to me one day I want my ring in a handbag.

There are so many reasons that I love handbags.  They always look stylish, it can give an outfit a whole new look and when bought correct, it will last a lifetime.  Over the years I developed my own handbag style.  I like big bags, but that has a more structured look and is shaped with strong lines.  

So with the winter that is currently showing it's face in South Africa I decided to update all of you on the latest handbag trends for Autumn/Winter 2015/2016.

I am sure that if you were in the shops recently you will see most of the styles.  I recently wrote a do's and don'ts article for the local paper, Gazette, on buying handbags.

So if any of you ever want to buy me something, you will never go wrong with a handbag.


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