My handbag wish list

My small, but growing handbag collection.
Functioning on a student budget usually means that there is always something that needs financial attention.  From printing money to buying shoes (those of you who are students will know that walking is part of the game) - so my love for handbags is always put on hold.  At this specific time of my life I buy handbags that I can actually use on campus and it should be able to carry all my text books.  

But nevertheless I still have a wishlist with handbags I would LOVE to have.  I usually show this to my parents, but they still think that I have enough handbags.  So today I will be sharing my handbag wish list with all of you.

So if you know me and want to treat me a bit - this handbags is my type of style! I am very excited to share a very special handbag post of all of you on Monday morning. I am pretty sure that you have never seen something like that before!

Have a lovely day and weekend.


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