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Anel Alexander is a very popular South African actress and feature film producer.  There is absolutely no stopping this multi-talented lady.  I remember Anel from her role as Liezl in the South African TV-Series 7de Laan, but since then she has basically taken over the world!  

Being in the entertainment industry she knows how important fashion is.  When she is on set fashion helps her to sculpt a character and when she is off set it helps her establishing her personal brand.  Although fashion is such a big part of her daily life, her favourite clothes to wear is pajamas.  Yes.  Pajamas.  Her husband, James Alexander, even calls her pajamas her "corporate wear".  Being able to work at home, it enables her to work comfortably in her pajamas.  

Anel has made three films, Discreet, Semi-Soet and Sink.  Anel is currently on her way to the Cannes Film Market with the movie Sink.  The principal photography of Sink is done recently and the premiere of this film will be in Kampsbaai with the Silwerskermfees in August 2015 and the nationwide release will be in 2016.

When I asked Anel to describe her personality she said:

To me it is always interesting to see how people describes themselves as this is can easily be reflected in their fashion style.  With a feminine, stylish and graceful style, Anel always looks fashionably.  She loves spending time with her husband and her two dogs, Oscar and Jozi.  Due to the fact that she is a freelance actress and and film producer her day-to-day life doesn't have a specific structure.  

When it comes to haircolour Anel never dissapoints.  She has the perfect skin tone and features to rock any hair colour.  In the last three years Anel had a copper toned Chinese-bob, dark auburn hair with extensions, bob ginger hair, a dark brown lob (a bob that is a bit longer is called a lob), blonde bob and blonde long hair.  So when it comes to hair styles and colours you might say that Anel is South Africa's version of Katy Perry.  No matter what hairstyle she chooses - she always look beautiful.

Although Anel thinks that her style desperately needs a change, I think that she always looks well put together.  Going to shopping malls comes easy to me as that is what I do on a regular basis (and by that I mean I like spending every Saturday browsing through all the different shops), but when you have limited time, like Anel, you tend to wait too long and when you have no other choice you run to the shops and try to buy a whole wardrobe.  One think Anel and I have in common is that we both are "Woolies Girls".  Woolworths will always be one of my favourite shops as they offer such a wide variety of clothing items that will suit every possible style out there.  

People in the South African entertainment industry are at the bottom of the pyramid when it comes to earnings, but are still expected to look like Hollywood stars.  This is one of the main reasons that Anel would love to have a personal shopper - to have somebody that can teach her how to shop and dress impeccably without it feeling like a painful exercise session.

When I want some inspiration for styling an outfit for somebody I usually go to Pinterest for some inspiration.  When I saw this look I knew exactly what type of outfit I wanted to style for Anel.  Due to the fact that her pajamas is her favourite outfit, I wanted to style an outfit for her that was comfortable when working at home and by one simple change to transform this look into something that looks like a Hollywood celebrity quickly going to the grocery store. 

The name Hollywood Chic just popped into my mind when I styled this look.  It is effortless and very easy to maintain.  I decided to stick to a grey monochromatic colour scheme with accents of gold and rose gold as this fits perfectly with Anel's current hair colour and style.  This look is also then a Woolworths Exclusive look - thus all the items used in this outfit can exclusively be found at Woolworths.

I like the diversity of this look.  Staying at home and looking stylish and being comfortable and by a simple change of shoes (if she would like to - the flats will be just as stylish) you are ready to face the outside world. Both the selected tops will look perfect with the sprint base legging and will look perfect with any one of the two selected pairs of shoes.  For an instant celebrity look the grey heels will be perfect for facing the outside world.  When it came to accessories I chose to keep things simple by adding the bare minimum.  The rose gold Mimco watch is perfect to ensure that Anel is always on time and that she works according to her schedule.  The linen Country Road bag is important to ensure that Anel has enough space carrying around all her necessities.  The aviator sunglasses is a perfect fit for this look and then to finish it off I decided on the Carolina Herrera fragrance.  Anel can wear this look working at home or even going to the stores.

Please follow Anel on her Twitter and Facebook accounts by clicking on the icons below:

Yet again it was an amazing experience styling an outfit for such a talented and inspiring young woman.  

(All the items used in this styled outfit is exclusively available at Woolworths)

Remember to be on the lookout for her latest film, Sink.
(Click on the image below to be directed to Sink's Facebook Page)

It was such an honor styling an outfit for this lovely lady and I am so excited to she what she has planned for the future.

Anel supporting the "Red my Lips" campaign - to raise awareness of sexual violence.

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