Special Blog Post - Jean-Pierre Rossouw - Woolworths Exclusive

Jean-Pierre Rossouw is a performer so his fashion style depends or sometimes changes depending on the show or premier he attends.  Fashion is an important part of his life as JP knows that it plays a role with making first impressions so he likes to look presentable at all times mostly due to the fact that he represents his own "business". 

JP likes mixing casual with semi-formal clothes in the evening which is one of the inspirations I used to style him outfit. This and of course his love for monochromatic colours.  JP also says that he looks young for his age so he feels that these colours give him some form of maturity.  

With his love for more monochromatic colours I decided to have a monochromatic approach to his blog post.  Thus I only used black and white photographs and the outfit I styled was also in shades of grey. I myself love wearing monochromatic colours so it was really fun styling an outfit for JP.

When I asked him if he could travel to any place in the world, what would it be, he said Europe.  Another aspect I used as inspiration for his look.  This entire look I styled is also exclusively available at Woolworths.

So when I searched for some European pictures on Pinterest I instantly fell in love with these three.  The snow is perfect for an outfit that will have a lot of grey in and I chose the items in such a manner that JP will not get cold for one second!
I believe that this look is perfect for a traveler traveling through Europe.  Okay so first of all I just chose colours in the grey spectrum and maybe even darker (like the jacket).  I once read that one of the largest mistakes we as South Africans make overseas is to not layer our clothing.  So I have tried it myself on the coldest winter days and it truly works!  This is why I first chose the Textured Gingham shirt from Trenery.  I then decided to add a Blocked Cable Wool cashmere sweater, also available at Trenery.  Lastly I chose the Wool Pea Coat from Country Road that will ensure that JP will not easily freeze! When it comes to traveling keeping your luggage light is a very important aspect so that is why I chose the dark wash slim fit jeans, that he can easily incorporate with other looks as well.  When it comes to accessories I decided to keep it simple by only adding the Lambswool knitted scarf, grey denim backpack and suede ankle boots.  Simple, yet stylish.  
I also chose all the items in this look in such a manner that JP can easily pair it up with other clothing items - so mix and match is a high probability.  

When it comes down to styling looks for men it is always so much fun for me.  I think that JP has an impeccable style and he knows what the image is that he would like to project.  I also believe that he as a bright future in the entertainment industry in South Africa and will look stylish for entire journey!

(All the clothing items used in this blog post is exclusively available at Woolworths)

Have a lovely day.


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