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When I first contacted Nicolaas, he was probably just as excited as I was to do this blog post which is always a great thing.  Nicolaas van der Walt is a radio presenter and although he is not seen while working, he always dress hip and funky because he believes you will feel the way you dress.

It is always so lovely to see that people take note of the importance of fashion and first impressions.  Nicolaas goes to a lot of events and social gatherings and believe that it is important to look and feel good because your personality is reflected in your fashion and that is the first thing people notices when they see you.

This quirky, confident and easy going guy’s fashion never disappoints and he is not scared to take risks.  I love it when guys are willing to take chances when it comes to fashion and styling.  Nicolaas is one of the few guys that I have seen who can pull off a coloured skinny jean - in style.  When I asked him what is his favourite colour(s) to wear he said:
“I love wearing green when I’m feeling funky. Red when I’m feeling bold. Grey when I’m feeling relaxed.”
This was very interesting to hear and it was the first inspiration I used for the outfit I styled for Nicolaas.  I was very hesitant to use both green and red in his look, because these two colours combined reminds me of a Christmas tree… BUT I hope that I pulled it off.  I tried to incorporate these colours by using it in a warmer tone – so that it will blend better.

I was really shocked when I asked him if he is happy with his current style and he said that he thinks he doesn’t even have a style.  Nicolaas just buys what he likes – sometimes it will be something really funky while other times it will be a more toned down plain look.  Furthermore Nicolaas said that brand names doesn’t influence him at all – and thinks that he doesn’t even own any branded clothing.  So it can be said that he is not a big fan at all.  Nicolaas buys most of his clothing at Mr Price, YDE, and Cotton On.  These shops are the perfect choices when you consider Nicolaas’s style is fun, hipster inspired, trendy and bright.  He is brand ambassador for Follicle Hair Atelier and this ensures that Nicolaas always has a celebrity hair-do.

Nicolaas posted this photo on Facebook saying:
"Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find hairdressers that understand you - for me those people are Follicle Hair Atelier."
One of the questions I also have in the questionnaire I sent Nicolaas is if he would like to have a fashion stylist to help you pick out outfits for everyday living or just for special occasions and he replied to this question in a way that really made me laugh:
“YES. YES. YES. Send one NOW for EVERYDAY. Please. Thank you.”
If I was located in the city I would definitely help Nicolaas every weekend – I would love styling outfits for him!  Nicolaas is not a big fan of shopping so I think I might enjoy the experience more than him!

Another inspiration I had for styling the outfit was the French Riviera – this and his favourite colours red, green and grey.  So I went for a more chilled and relaxed vibe with the outfit with different textures patterns and colours.  All this and of course Nicolaas’s willingness to try out new outfits.  Nicolaas is a fan of mid-morning time of day.  So in the Autumn/Winter he can wear this outfit and it will be perfect for that specific time of the day.
Nicolaas is also a brand ambassador for Stiki.

The first clothing item I decided on was the printed navy and fine white polka dotted shirt.  This can be worn with or without one of the two chosen jerseys (separately of course!)  So with these jerseys it was a perfect occasion to give more than one option.  First of all are the red oversized knitted pullover and the second jersey is the oversized knitted grey one.  Nicolaas can now decide in what mood he is and then choose one of the two jerseys.  All of this can then be worn with a pair of tailored chino pants in a dark green colour.  When it comes to shoes I decided on this Laidley Suede Brogue shoes in a dark grey colour with a green undertone.  Due to the fact that this look already has so much textures, prints and colours I decided to keep the accessories simple.  Nicolaas is a brand ambassador of Stiki so I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate this set of 2 brooch moustaches.  He can also choose what moustache he wants to use with this look.  The printed reader sunglasses were the perfect fit for this look.  Nicolaas can finish this look off with the Nixon Sentry Watch in a brown colour. 

Printed navy and fine white polka dotted skirt available at Mr Price.
Oversized knitted pullover in red available at Mr Price.
Oversized knitted pullover in grey available at Mr Price.
Tailored chino pants in dark grey available at Mr Price.
Laidley Suede Brogues in dark grey available at Woolworths.
Brooch moustache set of two available at Stiki.
Printed readers sunglasses available at Mr Price.

(All the clothing items used in this blog post is available at the following shops)

(Check out Follicle Hair Atelier's website if you too want to look like a celebrity)

(If you want to find out more about Nicolaas, check out his website by clicking on the image below)

It is such a privilege for me to style outfits for all these special people and especially for Nicolaas because he was so excited about this and so kind to me when I asked him some extra questions.  I think that he will look amazing in this look!

Have a lovely day!


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