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In Piet Beyers signature below his email it reads:
an actor, writer and producer
he would also like to throw motivational salesman and emotional enthusiast in there too which I think will totally be appropriate. 

Being constantly exposed to people, Piet picks up inspiration for his fashion style. He used to wear a lot of bright colours, but people told him that he should consider wearing more plain colours – and the feedback he got was very positive. Piet thinks that fashion is an important part of his career as it is part of first impressions, but to him fashion is not that crucial. 

Now, this special blog post will be an extra special one. One of the questions I have in the questionnaire I sent Piet was to describe himself in 5 words. With the other people I already interviewed they simply gave five words, but not Piet. Oh no, he answered to this question in a way that I found very funny:
“I am a golden retriever”.

So I decided to do some research on the internet to determine what the personality of a golden retriever entails. These dogs strengths includes being calm, easy going, dependable, objective, diplomatic and humorous, much like Piet himself. When I did some further digging (pun intended ;) ) I also found out that golden retrievers are one of the finest family dogs in the world as they are cheerful, trustworthy with everyone and remains enthusiastically puppy for many years.  Although it was a bit strange in the beginning to think that someone will explain their personality in the way Piet did, it is up to date probably one of the most accurate descriptions I had with the questionnaires.

When it comes to describing his fashion style, Piet was a bit more descriptive and clearly stated that he will wear no red whatsoever and that was the first mental note I made when styling him an outfit. He likes pastel colours, white, grey, light brown, blue, black and grey because he thinks that these colours “likes him back” which is an interesting way of saying that it is complementing colours.

 It was so refreshing styling an outfit for this laid back guy.  The term “laid back” is also something that inspired me to style him an outfit.  Piet likes spending time with his friends, chilling on the beach drinking wine. So for someone who doesn't like shopping a lot I wanted to style an outfit with multiple choices, but with a simple and relaxed feel to it.

Piet likes fitted shirts or t-shirts so this is what I searched for first of all.  I decided to give him the option of 3 different t-shirts.  From the left is a Wrangler “Bear With Me” shirt, in the middle is a longer length grey t-shirt with a different shade of grey in the bottom half and the last t-shirt is also a Wrangler shirt, “See the light”.  Piet can self-decide for which type of t-shirt he is in the mood.  When it came to deciding on pants for this look, I first wanted to pick out a shirt, but a jean was so much more appropriate.  If Piet wants to go to the beach, he can simply roll up the jean and he will be instantly beach-ready.  With this chilled look I decided to pair it up with dark brown crossover sandals and when it comes to accessories I decided to keep it simple by only adding the Panama hat and Crane Apparel wood watch with a brown leather strap.  I decided to throw in the ultimate man can gift set to ensure that Piet look stylish the whole time.

Wrangler Bear With Me t-shirt White, available at Zando.
Longer-length t-shirt in a grey colour, available at Spree.
Wrangler See the Light t-shirt White, available at Zando.
Wrangler Vegas slim fit Jeans Blue, Zando.
Zoom Kegan Crossover Sandals in Dark Brown, available at Zando.
Straw ribbon Panama hat, available at Woolworths.
Crane Watch exclusively available at Crane Apparel.
The Ultimate Man Can grooming set, available at Zando.
I believe that Piet will look great in this look and it is something he would look stylish in, yet look very comfortable.

Have a lovely day.


(All the items used in this blog post is available at the following shops)

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