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I think if a study has to be done on the country with the most talented people, South Africa will most definitely have the most talented people in the world.  Pulane Palmer is a radio DJ at Jacaranda FM and a traffic presenter on the Martin Bester Driver every weekday and she is also a television presenter and actress.  Working behind the scenes most of the time Pulane likes dressing comfortable, due to the fact that nobody really sees her.  She then likes wearing outfits that consist of jeans, flats (like pumps and sneakers) and a hoodie, but when she does work like presenting and MC work she loves a African, flavourful and colourful inspired look.  She likes incorporating this African vibe in a more urban way.  Pulane thinks that fashion is very important, but people usually thinks that entertainers only wear designer clothing and never wear the same outfit more than once, which is unfortunately not always true in South Africa.

This passionate and bubbly lady’s favourite colour is red and turquoise because it is beautiful and noticeable.  When I asked her to choose between warm and cool colours she chose both, but only certain shades that ranges in the blue, lilac, green, red, brown and brown shades – all colours that goes beautiful with her skin tone.  Furthermore Pulane says that people who know her can see what she wears, although it might seem dodgy to other people.  This is one thing that I absolutely love about Pulane’s fashion style – she wears what she knows she looks good in and do not follow trends blindly.  Having a style in today’s time is very important and Pulane has that all figured out.

With a more African-vibe to her fashion style, Pulane likes shopping at street markets, but also likes shopping at stores like Woolworths and YDE. So her comfortable, colourful and layered style can easily be achieved by combining pieces she buys at different stores.

Styling an outfit for Pulane was really fun to do!  Mostly because I don’t wear that much colour anymore, but that doesn't mean I don’t like colourful outfits.  Pulane does not like all traditional African looks, something more modern and this was one of the biggest inspirations I had for styling her look.  I like using prints and accessories that have a more tribal look and this will look stunning on Pulane.  Her beautiful skin will make bright colours really pop making a statement wherever she goes. 

So for this look I decided on an abstract midi pencil skirt in multiple colours.  Due to the fact that there are such a variety of colours it can easily be paired up with a wide variety of plain colours for the top.  For this look I decided to incorporate one of her favourite colours and used a loose fitting turquoise top.  When you wear a more form fitting skirt, it is always flattering to wear a looser fitted top.  What I like about a more tribal look is that you can never have too much prints and colours.  For the accessories I decided to use this tribal statement neckpiece.  I have exactly the same neckpiece and oh goodness – at first it looks a bit overwhelming but I have worn it with so many colours and prints – and it always attracts attention wherever I go.  With the top being a plain colour, I thought that this neckpiece will draw the necessary attention.  With red also being one of her favourite colours, I decided to pick a pair of beautiful ankle strap heels for this look.  The ankle strap is really flattering and ensures that colour is incorporated in every aspect of this look.  Pulane can finish this look off with a pink/red lip and Boss’s Jour fragrance.   I think that this look will be perfect at any part of the day and at any occasion.

Abstract Midi Pencil Skirt Multi-Colour from Edge available at Spree.
Counting Stars Tank Jade from Jorge available at Spree.
Tribal Statement Necklace available at Woolworths.
Heels with Ankle Straps in Red from Madison available at Spree.
Ultimate Shine Lip Colour 300 in Pink A Berry from Catrice available at Spree.
Hugo Boss Jour Femme Perfume available at Spree.

(The clothing items used in this post is available at the following retail stores)

I think Pulane sets a great example to owning a fashionable look that you like and that suits your body type – something ladies can try more often.


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