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Rozanne McKenzie is a well-known South African television and radio presenter.  This lovely lady always dress to impress, with or without a stylist. Rozanne says that it is important to stay classic and professional with what she wears.  When she has TV work to do she usually has a stylist that chooses all her clothes for her, but when Rozanne has to be on-air at Jacaranda FM her style is much more relaxed and casual.

Furthermore Rozanne is a big fan of dresses – especially the wrap dress as it gives her body a lovely silhouette.  Another important aspect of dresses to Rozanne is the fact that it is very versatile.  In the summer you can simply throw on a nice pair of sandals or some sneakers and in the winter it can be jazzed up with jerseys, tights and boots.

Rozanne says she wasn’t always a morning person, but when she worked at Dagbreek she had to get up very early in the morning over a period of two years and this helped transform her into a morning person.  This, and of course her son, James, who Rozanne says is usually up bright and early ready for the day.  Nowadays Rozanne has to get up early and head off to Jacaranda FM. Over time Rozanne learned to love the mornings as it makes her feel that there is a world of opportunity just waiting to be grabbed.

With an already beautiful style, Rozanne says that her style is constantly evolving, especially since she had her son.  So when buying clothes she is focused on quality, especially for staple items such as a crisp white shirt or a pair of smart black slacks.  When buying clothes she feels that Mr. Price is a great store to keep her clothing selection up to date and this enables her to play with different looks, but for staple items she loves shopping at Mango and Edgars (with all their in-house brands).  Rozanne refers to herself as an impatient shopper and would love to have a personal shopper as she can sometimes find it a bit stressful going to the shops looking for clothes.  Nevertheless, this focused shopper goes into a retail store and buys what she wants and get out of there. 

It is always interesting for me to see where people would travel to in the world.  Rozanne chose the Maldives because it looks so beautiful and tranquil to her as she loves beach holidays. Her dream holiday location was yet again the biggest inspiration for the outfit I decided to style for her.  This fun-loving yet focused lady has the perfect balance in her wardrobe between trendy and classic – another inspiration I used to style her look so here it is.


As a new mommy – Rozanne is constantly moving but that does not mean that she doesn’t not have to look stylish while doing so.  When travelling to a beach location simplicity is the key factor - something striking, but not too overwhelming.  So I decided to choose the accessories in such a way that she doesn’t have to change it when putting on another dress.  For the more day-time look I decided on this beautiful black and white stripped A-line dress which is tucked in at the waist and the pleads perfectly kicks out to ensure the A-line silhouette.  The second dress I chose is a white, black and green colour block shift dress which will complement Rozanne’s beautiful skin tone perfectly.   When it comes to accessories I decided to keep it simple by just adding some classic gold drop pearl earrings with a gold novelty bracelet with pearl accents.  When I had to pick out a pair of shoes that will complement both looks this mid-wedge heel with gold accents looked perfect with the rest of the look and it will also ensure that Rozanne will be able to move easy.  When using statement colours like the green, or patterns, like the black and white, I always love a nude coloured handbag with the look.  This Pierre Cardin handbag’s size is big enough for Rozanne to put all her important articles in and still look stylish.

Green, white and black color-block dress - Mr Price.
White and black striped A-Line dress - Mr. Price. 
Pearl Drop Earrings in Gold - Spree.
Pierre Cardin Handbag - Zando.
Novelty Bracelet with Pearl accents - Mr. Price.
Mid-heel Wedge shoe - Spree.
Givenchy fragrance - Spree. 
It is really difficult to style an outfit for someone who is so beautiful and with a great personality that shines through; I believe Rozanne will look beautiful in this styled look.

(All the items used in the styled look is available at the following stores:)

Have a lovely day.


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