Woolworths Exclusive - Handbag Love

With this week being all about handbags (that as you know by this time is one of my favourite accessories) I decided to show you all the wonderful handbag options that are available at my favourite store, Woolworths.  

It was so difficult to choose what handbags I wanted to use in this blog post, so I decided to show you all the handbags at Woolworths that I LOVE at the moment.  Have a look at their website to find out more.
Last year when I finished my exams and realised that I am done with my B.Sc degree I decided to spoil myself a bit.  There is always a handbag that I have my own, and last year it was this spectacular beige barrel bag from Woolworths – you can say it was something like “love at first sight” when I saw the bag and could not resist to treat myself a bit – and I have never been disappointed about this particular purchase.

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All the handbags used in this blog post are exclusively available at Woolworths.  Have a look –you will not be disappointed.


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