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At the beginning of the year I never really thought my life will be this busy.  Being an honours student really changed my life – in the best way possible.  I learned so much of myself and what I am capable of doing. Juggling the busy academic life with my blog has only proven to be successful when it is done with passion. Again I realised that you should not do something just because it is expected of you, do what you love and you will love what you do.

With my exams that started last week I will be blogging a bit less – to ensure that my full attention will be given to my academic life.  Nevertheless I thought it is only appropriate to bring my exam fashion wish list, showing all of you what is most important to me in the exams.

When it comes to writing exams, comfort is key. My exam papers differ from 5 to 7 hours long, so I have to be warm and comfortable.  With the weather in South Africa being a bit decisive, it is not always easy to pick out something to wear due to the fact that the mornings have been really chilly, but later in the day the weather becomes quite pleasant. So first of all on my wish list is the cute Rib Cuff Glove which will enable me to still type my exam papers and my hands staying warm in the process.  Next is a hair bun – now this is something I cannot live without.  I do not want my hair bothering me when writing an exam paper, so this will ensure my hair to stay in place. I cannot go a day without my glasses, so when I saw these I just knew I needed an upgrade! When it comes to pants, I am a huge fan of the jegging as it provides a warm, yet comfortable feeling due to its elasticity.  For some variation I also added the boyfriend jeans – for those days when I am not in the mood for something skin tight. Still keeping this look soft and simple I would love to have all three these tops/coats. First of all is the Wool Silk Cashmere V-Neck Cardigan where I can pair up basically any top underneath and when the cold strikes, I can only add a scarf and be nice and warm. Second is the Utility Parka Jacket in a cream colour.  I decided on this type of jacket instead of a coat as a parka jacket is more movable. Third is the Colour Block Knitted top in neutral colours such as grey, cream and camel.  This will be perfect paired up with any jean and nude shoes. Last but not least, is the stunning cork and leather briefcase from the LDJ Collection to ensure that all my books and notes stays in place. 

Rib Cuff Glove from Witchery available at Woolworths.
Hair Bun Accessory available at Woolworths.
Retro Reading Glass Frame available at Woolworths.
Mid Rise Jegging available at Woolworths.
Mid Rise Boyfriend Vintage Jean from Country Road available at Woolworths.
Wool Silk Cashmere V-neck Cardigan from Trenery available at Woolworths.
Utility Parka Jacket available at Mr Price.
Colour Block Knitted Jersey available at Mr Price.
Cork and Brown Leather handbag available at LDJ Collection.
With two exam papers that still lie ahead I can only imagine all the late nights that I will be having before the holiday kicks off. With my blogging slowing down, the ideas I have will never end and I cannot wait to keep you updated on everything fashion.

Have a lovely day and to all the other young people also writing exams, whether in school or at university, good luck and remember, hard work pays off.

Have a lovely day.


(All the items used in this blog post is available at the following shops)

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