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Simoné and Berné Theron, two very talented sisters decided to start their own company, Theron & Theron, designing the loveliest leather handbags I have ever seen. As kids, these two sisters always dreamt of starting their own business and to the end of 2014 they started thinking of ways that they can achieve this goal. The idea of leather handbags came to mind as both of them always had a love for handbags. By the beginning of 2015 these passionate sisters took the business by full storm.  The name of the company is the sisters’ surnames combined, due to the fact that they both had the idea of starting the business.

When I asked them why they decided to work with leather, their answer was as follow:
“Leather is timeless.  It is a fabric that will never go out of style and people will always be drawn to the quality of it. Every piece of leather is unique and tells a different story.”
The very talented fashion designer, Kobus Rautenbach, with a Theron &Theron design.
As you might know by now, I love handbags and I find the designs of these sisters impeccable with exquisite quality and craftsmanship. I first came across their brand on Instagram, where I saw Leandie du Randt with one of their designs. The Theron sisters like to design bags that represent their own personal style and they try to incorporate something of their own in every design. They come together in their studio and plan a bag from scratch. By brainstorming together, the design is representative of both their ideas and styles. As designers and manufacturers, this is a full time job to the sisters. As this is something both of them are passionate about, they cannot think of anything else they would rather do.

Theron & Theron has a Facebook page as well as an Instagram account where all their work is showcased and if someone would like to order one of their designs, they can be contacted by e-mail. At the moment they only manufacture on demand, but they would like to expand the business in the future to an online store. These sisters are also working on entering the tourism market where they would like to work with a lot of genuine zebra hide to cater for a more specific market.

I would definitely love to add Theron & Theron to my fashion wish list – as I would love to have all their designs in my closet. If you want more information on this stunning leather handbag collection, be sure to check out their Facebook page by clicking on the link below.  A permanent link to their Facebook page will be available in the right side bar of my blog.


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