Special Blog Post - Juanita de Villiers Velts

Juanita de Villiers Velts is a freelance actress who recently starred in the Afrikaans film “Somer Son”. This leading lady says that she has a wonderful stylist for events, but for interviews and smaller events she has to decide on her own what to wear and that can be scary at times – mainly due to the fact that she is still learning what her style is. Juanita says that getting the combination of feminine yet sexy in a look can be difficult at times – and this is something I can relate to as well.

Juanita’s favourite clothing item to wear is a pair of jeans and then of course a beautiful evening dress. This spontaneous, friendly and passionate young woman describes her personal fashion style being comfortable, safe and fitting with a hint of sexy. Her favourite time of day is after 9 am as this is the time where she is full of energy. Juanita says that she is currently not very happy with her current style. In her twenties it was all about comfort, but now she is trying to go for a more feminine with a hint of sexy. Her best friend, Lindi Delport, has a massive influence on her personal style. Juanita says that Lindi can put stuff together so that it looks stunning. Another woman also influencing Juanita’s style is her stylist that helps her with her evening looks. 

Lindi Delport (left) with Juanita (right)
Juanita at Follicle Hair Atelier where the hairstylists ensure that she always look stunning and up to date.
Juanita with her husband at the Huisgenoot Tempo awards this year.

 For the inspiration for this look I decided to stay with lighter shades of cool colours and combining it with shades of grey and metallic. I love spending many hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration for the looks I style. For Juanita’s look I found images ranging from interior to nail colours and even paint swatches.

The main idea with this look was comfort, sexy and to go from day to night with simply changing the accessories. I decided to use this stunning sweater dress in a pale pink colour. This will complement her skin tone and hair colour perfectly. For the day look I then decided to keep things fresh and hip by adding the gold metallic sneakers and the east-west tote bag. When it comes to accessories, simplicity is key, but that doesn’t mean she cannot make a statement, therefore I decided to use the stunning wooden flower necklace and to finish this look off with a pair of large cat eyed sunglasses in a mid-brown colour. 

When it comes to the evening look changing I first started by changing the shoes. This pair of laser-cut high silver heels immediately got my attention. i then decided to pair it up with the floral laser cut silver clutch bag, oval flower drop earrings and a big dial watch in grey and rose. The Bvlgari fragrance and True Aubergine lip colour will pull this look together and Juanita will look like a Hollywood celeb.

 Sweater dress in pale pink from Style Republic available at Spree.
Lamew 2095 gold sneakers from Superga available at Zando.
Text east-west tote bag from Country Road available at Woolworths.
Wooden flower necklace from Stiki.
Large cat-eye sunglasses in mid-brown from Lundun eye-wear available at Zando.
Laser cut silver high heels from Zoom available at Zando.
Floral laser cut clutch bag in silver from Lily and Rose available at Zando.
Oval flower drop earrings from Fred Tsuya available at Zando.
Big dial watch in grey and rose from Olivia Burton available at Zando.
Bvlgari Rose EDP at Woolworths.
True Aubergine from Clarins available at Woolworths.

It has been such a pleasure working with Juanita and I am so excited to see what this wonder-woman still has to offer to the South African entertainment industry.


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Consumer Sciences Annual Fashion Show - Urban

On the 23rd of July 2015, the Consumer Sciences department of the North West University (NWU-Pukke) had their 5th annual fashion show and I was privileged enough to be one of the judges with Kobus Rautenbach (a fashion designer) and Maryke van Heerden (journalist from the Herhald). The theme was Urban, with three categories. I was really surprised with the outfits the girls designed and made themselves. Before I begin chatting away about what happened that night I would like to give you some background on what the course of a B.Sc Consumer Science student entails.

This three year degree is widely misunderstood. I am currently busy with my honours degree so I am talking with some experience. The primary purpose of a consumer sciences student is to ensure the well-being of the consumer in the food, interior or fashion industry. With this 3 year degree including such a wide variety of job opportunities I decided to continue with my honours degree, that is only one year, specialising in the advanced fashion industry and interior (where we have a closer look to psycho-ecological phenomena’s and how and why consumers act like they do in certain spaces). The annual fashion show that is organised gives the girls who have an interest in the fashion side of this course a night to express their creativity and love for fashion. Students work on their designs in their free time and have little to no assistance from the lecturers – just another reason why I was so incredibly surprised with the quality and creativity seen in their work.

This fashion show was held at the Snowflake buildings in Potchefstroom. With a more industrial look, the organisers jazzed it up beautifully with decorative lights and bar tables and stools with appetisers. In the section where the fashion show was held, round tables were placed giving a more relaxed vibe. 

When I had to decide what to wear I knew that it would be black. I simply love wearing black to functions, especially in the evening as it is always a flattering look. In the holiday I was so privileged to have received a gift from Stiki containing the most stunning accessories including 3 pairs of earrings, 2 brooches and a necklace. I simply knew that these Stiki accessories would be the perfect fit for the look I was going for. I decided to wear the wooden leave necklace and cork earrings. This of course only complemented my other accessories being a thin tan waist belt and one of my all-time favourite white, black and creamy nude colour-block handbag and I pulled this look together by wearing sand coloured point pumps with stunning ankle detail.

Here is a quick look at the accessories I received from Stiki.

Have a look at some of the photo's taken throughout the night:

Demi-Leigh Nel-Pieters, Miss. NWU Varsity Cup 2015 was the MC for the night.

The star of the night, Simone le Roux, with Kobus Rautenbach.

I cannot wait for next year's fashion show to see what the girls will come up with. Definitely an event gets bigger each year.


Monday Menswear Must Have Trends - Active

Active looks is something men has always pulled off better than women. The latest trends has been seen on the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2016 and today I will bring you the latest updates on all the key items that is a simple must have for completing this look.

If I can sum up this look in only two words it will be ease and comfort. This look also incorporates a more layered look that gives the idea of comfort and ease. The three main themes that will be seen is the 1990’s mix, the summer gothlete as well as the desert explorer. With the 1990’s mix designers were influenced by the football, casual and skater styles and this can be seen in the large logos combined with bright colours and of course black to create more of a graphic and youthful statement look. The more dark “goth” inspired look from last year is now transformed into pure-white, with the key aspect of this look still being the layering effect. With this specific look, traditional street wear is combined with sport pieces that are more functional. Outdoor living gets a new sandy palette that looks a lot more like the desert explorer look with the key focus on layering, utility pockets with colours ranging from sun-bleached bone to sand and khaki-tinged browns.

When it comes to the key items I only decided to bring you my top 3 choices. First of all is the track jacket, followed by the gym vest and then the tapered jog. The track jacket can be worn on its own or under another jacket for a shirt-like functionality. Pair this up with a tapered jog and you are ready to go. The gym vest is emerges as a key styling piece for summer, tucked in or worn loose with neck openings that are scooped a bit lower with deep armholes. Lastly is the tapered jogger which offers an alternative to the voluminous track pants. With a traditional drawcord waistband, the jog features controlled volume through the hip, tapering below the knee to a narrow cuff.

From the left is the Phoenix fleece top from Quicksilver available at Zando, next to it is the colourblocked navy jacket from Edge available at Spree and lastly is the Performance jacket from Lithe available at Spree.
From left to right is the colour block performance vest in blue from Edge available at Spree, in the middle is a fashion vest in white from Edge available at Spree and last is the A-print vest in navy from Edge available at Spree. 
From the left is a grey Reebok cuffed fleece pants available at Zando, following is the black tracksuit joggers from Head Honcho available at Spree and last is the Vermont joggers in blue from Triple Five Four available at Zando.

So guys, follow these simple steps and you will always look stylish in active wear.


(The items used in this blog post is available at the following stores)

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