Monday Menswear Must Have Trends - Active

Active looks is something men has always pulled off better than women. The latest trends has been seen on the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2016 and today I will bring you the latest updates on all the key items that is a simple must have for completing this look.

If I can sum up this look in only two words it will be ease and comfort. This look also incorporates a more layered look that gives the idea of comfort and ease. The three main themes that will be seen is the 1990’s mix, the summer gothlete as well as the desert explorer. With the 1990’s mix designers were influenced by the football, casual and skater styles and this can be seen in the large logos combined with bright colours and of course black to create more of a graphic and youthful statement look. The more dark “goth” inspired look from last year is now transformed into pure-white, with the key aspect of this look still being the layering effect. With this specific look, traditional street wear is combined with sport pieces that are more functional. Outdoor living gets a new sandy palette that looks a lot more like the desert explorer look with the key focus on layering, utility pockets with colours ranging from sun-bleached bone to sand and khaki-tinged browns.

When it comes to the key items I only decided to bring you my top 3 choices. First of all is the track jacket, followed by the gym vest and then the tapered jog. The track jacket can be worn on its own or under another jacket for a shirt-like functionality. Pair this up with a tapered jog and you are ready to go. The gym vest is emerges as a key styling piece for summer, tucked in or worn loose with neck openings that are scooped a bit lower with deep armholes. Lastly is the tapered jogger which offers an alternative to the voluminous track pants. With a traditional drawcord waistband, the jog features controlled volume through the hip, tapering below the knee to a narrow cuff.

From the left is the Phoenix fleece top from Quicksilver available at Zando, next to it is the colourblocked navy jacket from Edge available at Spree and lastly is the Performance jacket from Lithe available at Spree.
From left to right is the colour block performance vest in blue from Edge available at Spree, in the middle is a fashion vest in white from Edge available at Spree and last is the A-print vest in navy from Edge available at Spree. 
From the left is a grey Reebok cuffed fleece pants available at Zando, following is the black tracksuit joggers from Head Honcho available at Spree and last is the Vermont joggers in blue from Triple Five Four available at Zando.

So guys, follow these simple steps and you will always look stylish in active wear.


(The items used in this blog post is available at the following stores)

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