WGSN menswear trend update - Prints

After a well-deserved holiday break, I am so happy to be back and to bring you all the latest fashion trends. So, for the next two weeks I will focus on menswear as there is currently menswear fashion shows happening.

Today I will show you all the latest trendy prints that can be worn this Spring/Summer. Designers took some inspiration from the 1950’s bringing us a more updated look on graphic prints. Be on the lookout for small scale prints and tropical motives with more conversational print and micro motives. Designers decided to use more of a skew and distorted kind of print with some interesting angels that will catch the public’s eye.

Then the designers also used some 1990’s inspiration to give more of an expressive and youthful look featuring some graphics with acid cameo and using collaged prints. The designers decided to move away from the clean lines of the 90’s and use the skater and surfer looks as inspiration. The collaged prints will give guys a more punk-skate type of look. If you truly want to recreate this look on your own, the finished product should feel rough and unfinished. 

Check out this YouTube video if you want to get a better feel as to how this prints has to be worn.

So be on the lookout for more menswear fashion in the next two weeks.

Have a lovely day.


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