Special Blog Post - Dawie de Kooker

Dawie de Kooker is a law student and rugby player at the North West University, Potchefstroom campus and also a finalist for Mr Miss Campus 2015 that will be held on the 13th of August. With various influences on his personal style, Dawie developed his own style and likes to look presentable at all times. He believes that how you feel about yourself is important and if you look good then you will feel good as well.

When I asked Dawie what his favourite clothing item was he said the following:
“Yes, I think in my situation - as in all careers – how you present yourself is very important. So indeed, I believe if you look good then you feel good, and you perform even better.”

This loyal, passionate and honest young man describes his personal style as classy, casual and unique with a dash of arrogance. With his outgoing personality Dawie the evening as it is a cooler time of day and he can dress up more. This guy knows what colours complement his skin tone and like to stick with the basics such as black, white, grey and blue.

Dawie is happy with his current style and likes to wear clothing that makes him stand out, being a natural leader, he is seldom part of the crowd, and this can clearly be seen in his fashion style. With studs like Justin Timberlake and David Beckham influencing his fashion style, Dawie is on the fashionable road of life. When shopping for clothing Dawie considers the cut and colour of the clothing items and how they complement his body shape – so the brand of the clothing is of little importance.

For Dawie’s look I decided to keep it fresh, simple and with some attitude. First of all I decided to use the denim joggers and pair that up with a printed muscle vest, light wash denim shirt and a Biker jacket in a tan colour – so that Dawie can do the layering effect with this look. I then decided to use the vintage Nike hi-top sneakers, grey cap and black club master sunglasses as the accessories for this look. Finish it off with some Boss fragrance and Dawie is ready for a busy day on campus.

Denim joggers available at Mr Price.
Printed muscle vest from RT available at Mr Price.
Light wash denim shirt from Sergeant Pepper available at Spree.
Biker jacket in a tan colour from K7Star available at Zando.
Nike blazer white premium vintage hi-top sneakers available at Zando.
Mammoth grey cap from Ice Age available at Spree.
Black club master sunglasses available at Markhams.
Boss bottled EDP available at  Woolworths.

If you are in the Potchefstroom area makes sure to not miss out on the Mr & Miss Campus next week and support Dawie with this spectacular event.


(All the clothing items used in this blog post is available at the following stores)

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