WGSN Update - Menswear - Graceful

For today’s WGSN inspired menswear update I decided to quote Isham Sardouk:

“This season’s overarching theme “Disrupt To Innovate” invites us to challenge the way we think and to walk away from linearity
in order to provoke disruptive innovation.
Disruptive innovation is not just about the “new”. It’s a discovery, a breakthrough – a creative milestone – that not only disrupts the norm and
changes the game, but also creates a paradigm shift that leaves its competition and predecessor looking obsolete.
The new science of the brain is predicting that a computer could achieve the complexity of the human brain by 2030. Adding to
this unnerving prediction, Google recently acquired DeepMind, an artificial intelligence start-up, and is aiming to create a new form of AI
known as “deep learning” that will embed computers with biological thinking.
The debate as to whether we use 10% or 100% of our brain continues. Regardless of what the reality may be, we are all capable
of disruptive innovation; we just have to push ourselves to look beyond the familiar and question why we continue to do the same
thing over and over in the same way. Of course, we are creatures of habit, but it’s in the letting go that the magic really happens. Creating
new tensions with new elements, dislocating standard procedure and allowing new thoughts to enter into the creative process is
where creativity really thrives.
Our four Megatrends for S/S 16 were built around the same principle: the concept of odd marriages to create new aesthetics. In
Monumental, futurism is paired with primitivism where Neolithic structures are voluminous and polished at the same time. In
Visceral, we let the active sport influence flirt with a darker world of light and fantasy, while Sartorial continues the homage of
etiquette dressing yet turns it upside down, adding a fun quirkiness and a bolder stamp. Moving into softer territory, Graceful is the
marriage of the fragile and pure, a beautiful combination that oscillates between the dainty and delicate.
Dare to disrupt, dare to innovate!”


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