LDJ Collection in collaboration with Safari & Outdoor retail outlets

So a few months ago I did my first blog post about the spectacular LDJ Collection handbag designs that are made from cork and leather. In my heart I knew that this is a brand that will quickly climb into the heart of the South African consumer – and now with their expansion this is going to happen even quicker. The LDJ Collection is now available at Safari & Outdoor stores, situated in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Stellenbosch. So if you find yourself in one of these areas, make sure to go to a Safari & Outdoor store and purchase one of these unique bags.

There is also other exciting news regarding the LDJ Collection. The official launch of this brand will take place on the 15th of October. With Lynné de Jager (founder, owner and designer of LDJ Collection) and Contemporary Events in charge or organizing this event – the exclusive list of 120 guests will have a mesmerizing evening. Guests can expect spectacular food, drinks, entertainment, a few spectacular giveaways from Macer Computers and a night filled with mind blowing and out of this world moments.

Some new designs added to the LDJ Collection:

It is absolutely amazing to see South African Women with talent doing their own thing that they are passionate about and making a success of it.

The LDJ Collection will be available at Safari & Outdoor retail outlets from mid-October, so be on the look out for this amazing brand. For more information regarding the LDJ Collection, please e-mail Lynné's publicist, Janine Snyders, at: info@lynnedejager.co.za

I simply cannot wait for the LDJ Collection launch and to see what this brand has in store for the South African consumers.


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