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The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Wooden Lace is classy yet trendy with items that will suit any possible personal style. As one of my favourite South African brands I just had to share some information on how this brand originated.

Wooden Lace started in April 2013 and is now available in 18 different stores as well as a store in both Namibia and Zimbabwe. The Wooden Lace Flagship store is situated in Sandton and a smaller franchise inside Ubella in Pretoria. Wooden Lace specialises in a wide variety of laser cut accessories, solid hand crafted wood and metal (such as the brass and copper designs), Flowerchild sunglasses as well as the very well-known Flowerchild crowns. Ulricke Laubscher, designer and owner of Wooden Lace certainly has an eye for fashion and know what she want in each of her designs. Ulricke describes the typical Wooden Lace client as “strong women, she knows what she wants out of life. She likes to make a statement and is willing to push boundaries fashion wise. She is successful and confidant, she is humble and gregarious. Wooden Lace’s designs are intended to bring joy to a wide variety of consumers and beautify their everyday lives, yet remain affordable at the same time. Having accessories that are stunning and affordable is something that the South African consumer market is looking for.

The stunning Ulricke Laubscher, designer and owner of Wooden Lace. 
Wooden Lace even has a range for brides with custom made brooches for the whole entourage, from mother of the bride, bridesmaids, best man etc. Wooden Lace offers a selection of designs the consumers can choose from and they do some engraving on the piece, whether it is names, quotes or pictures, name it and Wooden Lace can do it.

When I asked Ulricke to describe Wooden Lace using only 5 words, she said the following:

Being a proud owner of a Wooden Lace necklace myself, I can assure you that the designs are all timeless and subtle yet striking, one of a kind designs made with passion and an exquisite quality product at an affordable price.  

Furthermore, Wooden Lace are associated with a wide variety of celebrities including Leandie du Randt, Donnalee Roberts, Amalia Uys, Nadia Beukes, Shashi Naidoo, Angelique Gerber and Roxy Burger. Although Wooden Lace has brand ambassadors, this is not their main focus as Wooden Lace’s products truly speak for itself.

Now, for one of my favourite questions I always love asking people, what can we, as the South African consumers, expect from Wooden Lace for Spring/Summer 2015/2016? Well, definitely more wood and metal collaborations, men’s accessories range such as tie clips & cufflinks. Ulricke is also working on a very exciting project whit special guest designers to make limited edition pieces. She is also working on high end sunglasses range – but further information will be provided about this particular range...

Ulricke recently contacted me for a quick Q&A as one of her VIP’s. I am so honoured to even be associated with this brand and being a VIP only makes me feel even more special. In July I made a quick stop at the Wooden Lace store in Sandton and I was truly amazed, not only with the store, but with Ulricke herself. Her passion for what she does shines out and inspires everyone around her. Wooden Lace is already a huge success, but I only see a brighter future fort his brand in South Africa.


Be sure to check out Wooden Lace’s Facebook Page,Website as well as the Instagram and Twitter accounts:

Wooden Lace Facebook Page.
Wooden Lace Website.
Wooden Lace Twitter Account. 
So what are you waiting for? Go and treat yourself with some Wooden Lace accessories!


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