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The 10th of October was National Tuxedo day and to celebrate this I decided to give some tips for all of you guys out there and style a few outfits for the ladies as well.A company called The Black Tux is raising awareness on National Tuxedo Day and this inspired me to share some tips. 

The Black Tux is an online suit and tuxedo rental company that feels nothing like the normal traditional tuxedo rental company. At the Black Tux they don’t just dress people for occasions; they dress people to rise up to the occasion. Furthermore The Black Tux is a simpler, more modern way to rent a suit. Their mission is to inspire people to feel like their best selves, let loose, and creates lasting memories. They invest in the highest quality, well-fitting tuxedos and suits and have simplified the rental experience so that the wedding party can just focus on the big day.

So here are a few tips that I think is essential when styling a tuxedo look:
·         Keep in mind that you can style a tuxedo look a bit more informal with your tie, shoes and belt. All of this depends on the dress code given to you for an event.
·         Sometimes I like to tone the look down a bit for guys by adding a tan coloured shoe. This immediately gives a more laid back feeling, but still keeping the look formal.
·         When guys have to attend an event with a cocktail dress code confusion usually jumps on their faces when it comes to choosing something to wear. One big tip I can give guys for a cocktail event is to keep it toned down but not casual. Now is not the time for your chino pants and sneakers. Rather go with one of the tuxedo’s like seen on the Black Tux’s website and add some of the following shoes, ties and belts:
All items available at Woolworths. 
And guys, here hare ten tips you should really keep in mind when putting on a suit:

1. The width of the tie should match the width of the lapel.
2.Thin lapels are more modern where wide lapels are more old school.
3. Pocket squares will always add an extra level of polish.
4. Always remember to check the fit, especially in the shoulder area.
5. A collar gap between the lapel of your jacket and shirt can be an indication of an ill-fitted jacket.
6. When you can choose, go for a more grey or charcoal colored suit or tuxedo as grey is a more versatile color that goes with a lot of other colors.
7. Your belt should be thin and should resemble a color that is also seen in your shoes.
8. Remember to add formal shoes with your look - sneakers will just spoil the whole thing.
9. Double vents at the back of your jacket are more modern and fashionable.
10. When you are going for a slightly more casual, but still trendy look, try a single button peak-lapel jacket.

Although the styling for this blog post is mainly for guys, I simply could not resist adding three possible outfits for the ladies out there that will look fabulous with one of the Black Tux’s look for a cocktail event.

Mint cut out dress available at Mr Price.
Tan high heels from Miss Black Jones available at Zando.
Cork tan coloured clutch available at LDJ Collection.
Love birds necklace available at Wooden Lace.
Flowerchild crown available at Wooden Lace. 

High neck asymmetrical drape dress in khaki green from London Hub available at Spree.
Strappy high heeled glitter sandals in gold from Steve Madden available at  Zando.
Gattaca clutch from Mimco available at Woolworths.
Wood and metal collection rings available at Wooden Lace.
Flowerchild crown available at Wooden Lace. 

Asymmetrical cutaway neck mini white dress from Catwalk 88 available at Zando.
Two toned court shoe in nude/cream colour from Diva available at Zando.
Amazonia envelope clutch from Mimco available at Woolworths.
Black and Gold flowerchild sunglasses from Wooden Lace.
Flowerchild crown available at Wooden Lace. 

I hope all of you had an amazing National Tuxedo day. Remember to check out the Black Tux’s website. 


(All the items used in this blog post are available at the following retail outlets:)

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