2015 - Done and Dusted

I never anticipated that 2015 will be such an amazing year. From late nights working on academic tasks, catching up with friends knowing that I would have to say goodbye to most of them the end of the year (and luckily making some new friends as well) to making plans for 2016 – I am so grateful for everything that happened. With this last post I would like to share some special tips with all of you and end it off with my Christmas Wish List.
So the designers from Theron & Theron Design sent me a breath-taking handbag a few weeks ago, and then decided to name the bag “The Carolina Tote”. As a handbag lover and enthusiast I was so extremely honoured when this happened! It made me think about my blog and how it helped shaped me as a person. There are so many things I learned about myself since re-branding my blog and I am so grateful for each and every lesson that I have learned. A few months ago the amazing Louw Breytenbach from Die Reviewer shared an article, 11 things every 20-something should know. This was a really such inspiring piece for me and it got me thinking about everything that I learned as a university student and blogger in 2015, still early in my 20’s, and I came up with 5 tips that I would like to share with everybody.
    1.  Be yourself

    There are so many quotes out there telling you how you should remember to be who you are, but as a young lady in the 21st century I know how difficult this can be. The media constantly forces ideas on the youth on how the “idealistic” young lady should be and act like. I would like to remind you that nobody can be like you, but you. Your uniqueness is the reason why people like you so why change that? I often struggle with the idea that I might be too opinionated or scare guys off with my strong personality – but that is who I am. I know what I want in life (most of the time) and will work extremely hard to ensure success. And when it comes to physical appearances I would love every young lady out there to realise how unique and beautiful they are. Never be afraid of whom you are and what you look like – you are made like that for a reason. Although this might sound like such a cliché, just be yourself.  

2.  Fake it till you make it

    Without this statement I probably would not have made it through my B.Sc honours year. There were so many times when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but that did not stop me at all. If you believe you can, anything is possible. No matter how stressed out you are about a task you do not fully understand how to complete, just make sure it looks like you know what you are doing. Every expert was once a beginner and the fact that you are trying and working hard on your own only ensures that someday you will be successful in what you do. Never lose focus on what is important to you.
    3.  No matter what - you got this!

    It doesn’t matter what other people do or say. You will be okay. Remember to own what you are doing and those who had their doubts will quickly change their minds. Each and every task you do should be done with passion and love and nobody can ever take experiences away from you, so you got this honey!
    4. Hard work will be rewarded
    I never thought that my honours year would be this busy, especially with my blog as well, but in the end all the late nights and cups of coffee will be worth it. You might not notice it right away, but hard work never goes without someone noticing it. Be sure to properly plan all your tasks – that way you won’t be overwhelmed with work and still be able to keep a healthy balance between work and your social limits. People might not always understand why you are so determined and hardworking, but believe me, in the end it will pay off.
    5.  Know your limits

    This is something I have struggled with all my life (and probably still do). Knowing my limits and when to say no. It is humanly impossible to always do everything for everybody. This might sound a bit dramatic to those of you who don’t know me as good, but take it from me when I say you should know your limits when it comes to people as well. It is so incredibly important to invest your time in people that appreciate it. I see myself as someone who easily gets emotionally invested with people and it can be such a horrible feeling when you start to realize that people will never do the same for you as you did for them. I’m not saying you should become a cold ice queen when it comes to the people you care about, but make sure that the feeling is mutual, otherwise it will only drain you emotionally and affect your everyday life.

I would like to share some quotes from women in South Africa who inspires me every single day and I would also like to thank them for supporting me with what I do and making me feel that anything is possible. Without all of you ladies, I would not be the person that I am today.

I was so incredibly blessed to have received blogger gifts from amazing brands I would like to thank Stiki, Wooden Lace, Theron and Theron Designs and Crane Apparel. I love each of these brands incredibly much and cannot wait to work with them in 2016 as well. But before I share my Christmas Wish List with you I would also like to thank every single reader, participant and friend out there who have supported me and stood by my side in 2015. It truly helped me in more ways than any of you could ever imagine.

With Christmas around the corner I wanted to share my favorite brands and my own personal Christmas wish list with all of you.

I am also enjoying my vacation and working on my master’s degree for next year so this will be my last blog post for 2015. May each and every one of you enjoy this Festive season with your friends and families. I know that 2016 will be a big year for all of you.

All my love.



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