Affordable, stylish and ready for 2016

This year certainly started off with one big BANG! This is my first blog post where I have put some effort and time into and I would love to share the vision I have for The Carolina Factor with all of you.

I am currently busy with my Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Consumer Sciences where I will be specializing in consumers’ behavior with regard to online shopping, focusing on consumers’ perceived risks towards online shopping and what coping strategies they use to handle these perceived risks.  Juggling my responsibilities as a master’s student, part-time lecturer, freelance blogger, stylist and fashion columnist I also have developed this terrible habit of thinking that I have so much free time while in actual fact sleeping has become somewhat of a luxury. So the blog posts for 2016 will be short and sweet, bringing you some strong and helpful styling tips. With my student status still affecting my fashion choices, the main focus of 2016 will be on affordable fashion – how to get the designer inspired look for less. I am a strong believer in fashion for all – trying to inspire the South African consumer market with ideas on how to look fabulous and stylish on a tight budget. Together with this “affordable fashion” vision I’m still continuing with my special blog posts and I’m so excited about all the stunning people that I will be working with in 2016 with a few special collaborations as well. 

A preview of some of the amazing people I'll be working with this year.

I am also proud to announce that I’m the official blogger for Theron & Theron designs and will collaborate with Wooden Lace as well, bringing you all the latest updates on new merchandise and news. It’s amazing working with brands started by inspirational young women – empowering others to also work hard and to do what they love. I’ve also been so privileged to work with the amazing Louw Breytenbach from Die Reviewer, writing a review about Theron & Theron designs and I’m even more excited to work with him the future as well. 
My first review on Die Reviewer was published last week about the stunning brand, Theron & Theron.
I will also be working with an up and coming  fashion designer this year and he will be designing most of my looks for events. I can’t wait to wear his stunning designs. More information about this mysterious designer will be revealed soon…

Until then, I will be working on a few special blog posts, sharing my first tomorrow.

Have a fabulous day!

Carolina Factor Love,


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