Special Blog Post - Miss SA Finalist - Marciel Hopkins

Marciel wearing Ann-Lee Couture.
Marciel's Instagram post:
A big thanks to Rose & Monroe Women's Collectionfor stocking up my wardrobe with beautiful dresses for my final #MissSA2016 stretch. I can't wait to wear them!"
Marciel in another one of Ann-Lee Couture's stunning pieces.
Marciel looking vibrant in a gorgeous Rose & Monroe Women's Collection.
Marciel in an emerald green creation from Ann-Lee Couture. 

Elegant, arty, simplistic and feminine.

These are only a few words to describe Marciel Hopkins, a Miss SA 2016 finalist’s, personal fashion style. This elegant young lady aspires to be an image consultant/life coach which means that fashion plays a vital role in her life. To Marciel it is of utmost importance that a woman feels beautiful in her own skin and to have confidence in the clothes she wears.  Marciel’s personal style is not affected by brand names at all and she likes to wear clothes that fits her mood/vibe she has for that particular day.   

The inspiration I had in styling this look for Marciel came from her strong, yet adaptable personality. It is amazing to see how young ladies out there can inspire other people by just being who they are – and Marciel is most definitely one of them. Being a Miss SA finalist Marciel travels a lot so this was something that was very important to keep in mind while styling her looks. Marciel also loves wearing strong colors like red, blue purple and green, but for this look I styled I wanted to combine some colors with neutral colors as well. When it comes to accessories I wanted to keep things simple and in nude colors – so that it goes with all three dress options. The grey dress’s color is simple, but the silhouette and cut makes it perfect for Marciel. The navy and white striped dress has a really strong feel to it and will look effortlessly chick. Lastly I chose the swing coral dress with a print. All three of these dresses silhouettes are different – ensuring that Marciel will have a different look with each one of them. This Woolworths Exclusive look would not have been complete if I didn’t add some Mimco and Country Road accessories in as well – ensuring that Marciel can dress her looks up or tone it down a bit. 

This is a Woolworths exclusive look. Check out their online store for all of these items. 

Marciel is wearing a one shoulder top by Ann Lee Coutureand a high waisted skirt by Wild Orchid Boutique.
Marciel dresses by Wild Orchid Boutique. 
Marciel on Instagram:

"Ready for dinner at the The Table Bay Hotel. This dress has a special story. I bought it at a hospice shop a few years ago and I asked Chene van der Walt to spice it up for me."

The world needs more women like Marciel who is strong, emotionally intelligent and non-judgmental. I am proud to say that I’ll be supporting Marciel with Miss SA 2016. Be sure to check out her Facebook Page and hit the LIKE button. 

Carolina Factor love,

Have a fabulous Thursday.


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