Theron & Theron soon available at OnlyOco

It’s amazing to see how fast brands are able grow in the South African consumer market and Theron & Theron are definitely one of them. This brand started in 2015 (yes, last year) and is already growing at an enormous rate. I am so proud to be part of this brand as their official blogger. My dream for Theron & Theron are that their merchandise will available nationwide at retails. This is a brand I firmly believe in and know that they will have amazing success stories in the future as well.

Their latest achievement consist of being part of the soon to be new retail store OnlyOco that launches later this year. Here only one of a kind products will be sold and Theron & Theron are one of the brands that will be featured here. The store’s owner, Candice O’Neil will make sure that this is a store that you have to visit when you are in Cape Town as the store will consist of a coffee shop as well as a retail segment where Candice will be hosting styling and make-up workshops.
I will keep you updated on exactly when and where OnlyOco store launch will be, so if you find yourself in the Cape Town area, make sure to get your own one-of-a-kind Theron & Theron design.

Carolina Factor and Theron & Theron love,

Theron & Theron Winter Collection

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  1. Good day, i would like to see the whole range. The site don't seem to be user friendly. Would like to look at the Theron Theron leather items. Would like to buy it as a trader. Where can i see the whole range and prices. Ease mail me info to Thank you!!


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