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“Always dress well but keep it simple” – Jared Tomas

When I first saw this quote, Wian Smith owner of WS Marketing, immediately came to mind. Working in the entertainment industry, it is important for Wian to always look presentable as first impressions are the key to success. How you present yourself and your ideas are crucial in this industry and Wian also attends a lot of events where looking fashionable is very important.

Wian, also one of the SA Bachelor finalists for 2016 is a driven, friendly and caring young man. The purpose of the Mr. and Mrs. bachelor and bachelorette was to find South Africa’s most eligible bachelor/bachelorette – someone who is truly the picture of beauty, brains and entrepreneurship. This competition is purely to choose the most successful candidates who are older than 20 years and not married or engaged. 

It is always challenging to style outfits for people with an exquisite sense of fashion. Wian is such a stylish young man that I had to do some serious thinking about who he is and what fashion will suit him best. With Wian always being on the move I thought it was best to style an outfit that is comfortable, yet stylish – something he can wear to meetings and also grab a quick coffee with friends. 

One thing Wian and I both have in common is sharing a love for neutral colored clothing. I think one of the main reasons for loving neutral clothing so much is due to the versatile nature thereof. You can dress it up, dress it down, mix it with some bright colors or just keep it in the neural family – you have endless options. So I used this concept as the basis of styling this look. First I chose the neutral colored pants and then paired it up with a white and navy striped top. This is a classic look that can easily be changed by just adding some new accessories. I then decided to add the brown leather sandals. This option gives the look a much more informal feel to it, but when changing the shoes to something more formal, you will have an instant formal look. When it came to adding some accessories to the look this stunning red stripes watch immediately caught my attention. This will then add a splash of color to this look. Finish this look off with a pair of Kraft Eyewear wooden sunglasses, Old Khaki fragrance and of course a Theron & Theron card holder – ensuring that Wian will be able to keep all his important cards safe in one stylish leather card holder. 

Neutral colored pants available @ Woolworths.
White and blue striped golfer available @ Old Khaki
Red striped watch available @ Woolworhts.
Brown leather sandals available @ Old Khaki.
Fragrance available @ Old Khaki
Wooden sunglasses available @ Kraft Eyewear
Leather card holder available @ Theron & Theron.   
I would also like to remind you that the bachelor and bachelorette competition is slowly coming to an end. Support Wian by sending an sms and voting for this amazing young man.

It is truly such and honor knowing and inspiring young man like Wian. I would like to wish him all the best with his Mr. Bachelor 2016 journey and know that everything he does in the future will be a great success. It is so inspiring to see young entrepreneurs not only achieve success in their business careers, but also inspire other people and make a difference in their lives.

Carolina Factor love,

(The merchandise used in the "Back to Basics" look is available at the following retail outlets)

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