The Spring/Summer 2016 hat

Since I can remember I never really loved the sun. I have a fair skin so hanging around in the sun for too long evolves in me looking like a lobster for about a week. Nevertheless, I still like walking in the sun for a few minutes to get my daily dose of vitamin D. One of the best ways to protect yourself from the sun is to wear a stylish hat. So thanks to WGSN, today I will bring you up to date with the 3 top trending hats for this Spring/Summer 2016.

The classic fedora is a classic hat that will always be in style. The manner in which one decide to wear this hat determines whether it is modern or not. For this Spring/Summer 2016, try wearing your fedora with stripes and wavy hair.

I am totally in love with this look. With the African theme still trending, this is a easy way to look stylish, protect your head from the scorching sun and hide a bad hair day under a stylish, cool scarf.  

Most of the time I like everything in my life to be neat and tidy, but this trending raw edge hat is simply a must have. Whether you wear it to the beach or on a safari trip, this style will mix good with stripes to put a more classic spin on the raw edgy look. This hat is also perfect in an over sized look and will protect you from the sun all day long. 

Here is the three basic styles that you van get at different retail outlets. The straw fedora from Woolworths is a classic item that can be easily mixed with a wide variety of clothing. In the middle is a more plain, over sized straw hat that I love, mostly due to the fact that the hat itself looks a bit rough. Lastly is the rough edged straw beige hat - perfect for the beach or chilling by the poolside. 

My most recent obsession is Uzu Creations that I found on: 
This Montreal based company specializes in African handmade accessories. Scrolling through the various merchandise Uzu Creations has to offer I came across a few that immediately caught my attention..

So what are you waiting for? Pop into your nearest retail outlet and buy your own hat or order one online from Uzu Creations. 

The Carolina Factor love, 


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